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ADMINISTRATIONP.O Box : 6604 - YAOUNDÉ Tel. (237) Fax. (237) ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNAGENCE DE REGULATIONDES MARCHES PUBLICS - ARMPThe Public Procurement Regulation Agency (ARMP) is a public administrative body responsible for the regulation of public procurement system and Public Service Agreements. It was created by Presidential Decree on 23th February 2001 ...As a result of reform that begun in 2011-2012, the Public Procurement Regulation Agency (ARMP) is responsible for the monitoring, regula- tion and assessment of the public procurement system and public service sectors. Under the supervision of the Presidency of the Republic, it is considered a key player for the implementation of Growth and Employment Strategy Paper (GESP), a multi-sectoral frame of reference that should help Cameroon become an emergent country by 2035. As such, the Agency’s distin- guishing features are the tasks assigned to her in the structure of the system.SYSTEM MONITORINGSystem monitoring is carried out upstream and downstream. At the handover phase, indepen- dent observers partake in the work of Procurement Committees in charge of ensuring due process and reporting on any breach, for remedial action.At the implementation phase, the ARMP makes sure that the projects are really implemented, through the use of information that are collected and the organization of investigative missions. As part of downstream checks, the ARMP hires inde- pendent auditors that revisit the life cycle of cer- tain markets assess their validity.OPINIONS, COUNSELS AND PROPOSALSA Government’s representative in the area of regulation, ARMP is the subject of many requests, especially because of its expertise. The arbitra- tions about some remedies and requests genera- ted by the system usually lean rely on the techni- cal opinions voiced by the Agency. Besides, we should point out that every year the ARMP sub- mits to the President of the Republic a report on the effectiveness and reliability of the system, together with likely proposals for its improvement.FACILITATIONThis specific mission is carried out through the des- ign and editing of standard documents in force by Order N0038/CAB/PM of 15 May 2014. With regard to the training of actors, it is a key task of the Agency. It is issued either on the initia- tive of ARMP to equip stakeholders on ongoing reforms, or at the request of some departments anxious to strengthen their capacities. To date, several institutions have been trained on the natio- nal procedures of the Government Procurement System. The recent collaboration with COMUNDI, which should help giving more authority to the Agency should also be mentioned.Moreover, the ARMP develops, publishes and distributes various standard documents and pro- cedures manuals intended to make interventions easier for the operational actors.The headquarters of the Public Procurement Regulation Agency in Yaounde

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