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quality approach adopted by the Ministry for Secondary Education as a method of management led it to make a diagnosis of this order of teaching, from which it emerged that the General Normal Education was not in Perfect agreement with the vision of development expressed by the Head of State. He therefore urged his close collaborators to undertake a general reform of the sector of training of trainers that has just been entrusted to him.The new curricula for the training of General Education Teachers and Technical Education Teachers developed according to the Competence-Based Approach (CPA), constitute an anchorage point of the Teacher’s Teaching reform which has been initiated since then. The main innovations of this approach lay particular emphasis on:n Skills development;n The ability to solve professional problems;n A diagnostic, formative, categorized and inclusive evaluation.Through these new curricula, the Ministry of Secondary Education intends to train a new gene- ration of more professional Teachers ready to be part of the implementation of the Emergence pro- cess in Cameroon. They are the result of methodi- cal work that has integrated not essential political aspirations but equally the elements of the socioe- conomic environment of Cameroon. For their des- ign, they had to resort to the exploiting of theTeacher’s Professional Checklist and Skills Checklist of previously drawn up.Teachers’ training will no longer be a classical ini- tial training, but a career-centered training system, having a very direct relationship with the actual exercise of teaching profession considered in all its aspects. That is to say that of an educationalist and a guide that is able to teach, communicate, educate, analyze and regulate his practices while integrating the necessary innovations.All teachers and pedagogical supervisors of this kind now have a tool which makes uniform the training in ENIEGs and ENIETs in terms of skills, which requires the mobilization of knowledge, expertise, know-how-to-be and related activities in order to solve professional problems.The present reform marks the beginning of a new era for teacher’s training in Cameroon. Special emphasis should therefore be placed on the conti- nuing education of the various links in the teaching chain. For the budget year 2017, this continuing education will focus on the following themes:n Explicit teaching;n Inclusive education.The mastery of the aforementioned themes will enable the Teacher to carry out efficiently the teaching activities, taking into account and without exclusion, all components of Cameroonian societY nDelicate areas need school supportLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN101

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