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102LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNMinistry of Youth Affairs and Civic EducationThe Ministry of Youth and Civic Education is responsible, among others, for taking into account the concerns of the youths in development strategies...PREPARING FOR THE FUTUREBecause of its missions and, in a context such as the Cameroon’s where the youth, an important part of the population, is considered the back- bone of the Nation, the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education (MINJEC) has heavy responsibi- lities. We should point out some of those: the civic and moral education of the youth; the inclu- sion of youths’ concerns in development strate- gies of all sectors; the social integration of young people in both the urban and rural areas; the pro- motion of national integration; the economic and social promotion of the youths including their associations; the supervision of youth movements activities...Specifically, the MINJEC and their personnel throughout the entire national territory have parti- cipated to attaining the objectives assigned to the ministerial department on whose credit we should account: the updating of MINJEC’s per- sonnel Salary and Career file and permanent fol- low-up for the ties with the new SIGIPES 2 Application; the actual treatment of end of career acts for the personnel entitled to claim their pension rights; the improvement of the wor- king conditions of the personnel, etc.CIVIC EDUCATIONAND NATIONAL INTEGRATIONAs regards this aspect, the following progresses were recorded: the organization and coordina- tion of a campaign on Civic Education and National Integration, so as to boost the fight in the rise of offence to public-spiritedness and crisis of essential social values as peace, labour and tolerance. Other achievements include: the deve- lopment of the National Harmonized Programme for the 50th Youth Day; the working out, distribu- tion and popularization of all useful information material for the proper conduct of the campaign on Civic Education and National Integration; improving of national and patriotic feelings, a sense of discipline, tolerance, public interest,dignity at work, civic consciousness and culture of peace through the training of 4,069 “called” out of 6,000 expected by the National Civic Service Agency for Participation to Development.At community life level, most activities focused on the promotion of youths’ participation in decision- making procedure through: the organization of an extraordinary general assembly of the Cameroon Youth National Council; the organiza- tion of the gathering of the African Region Commonwealth member states Youths National Councils; the organization by MINJEC of the first African Region Commonwealth’s Youth Ministers Conference and their participation in the events to celebrate the 49th edition of the Youth Day; the participation in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Forum in Canada.YOUTH EMPLOYMENT: 338 FUNDED PROJECTSAs for the youth’s socioeconomic promotion, we should point out that concerning entrepreneur- ship and self-employment of the youth, 338 projects have been funded. Besides, with regards to the revamp of youths coaching structures, the construction of 4 CMPJ (Youths Multipurpose Promotion Centres) was launched, while 10 others were equipped with sewing material and, the CENAJES of Kribi received some computers.Concerning social integration and voluntary ser- vice, the Agency for the National Civic Service of Participation to Development, as part of its missions for the country’s economic, social and cultural development has trained and helped 9,000 volunteers. Besides, 400 projects by volunteers have been followed up and accom- panied, while 50 others were consolidated at the rate of 5 a Region. As for the selection, trai- ning and follow-up of 10,000 volunteers within the framework of the Investment Plan for the 2016 ANC, the terms of references approved by the hierarchy are available and their imple- mentation is about to start.

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