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EMERGENCE: THE MOMENTUM OF THE YOUTHThe Ministry of Youth Affairs intends to go an extra mile in the fulfillment of its missions during the 2016 financial year. The prospects speak of themselves. As top priority, a prescription by MINJEC to mobi- lize the human resources afresh, then, a call for more commitment at work through the respect of some core principles of administrative ethics in such a way to face many challenges, among which:• Intensifying the national civic education and national integration campaign;• Taking part in the organization of the 2016 African Nations Cup;• Operationalization of the National Youth Integration Fund (FONIJ);• Renewal of the executive bodies of the National Youth Council (CNYC), and support for its functioning and investment;• Operationalization of the “International Merit in Cameroon” ;• Finalizing the construction work of six CMPJ, which started in 2015, and the construction of another one in Wina, in the Far-North Region;• Carrying out the remediation work of the CMPJ at Madagascar in Yaounde, as well as the resto- ration work for the CENJES, Kribi;• Rehabilitation and extension of the former French Cooperation building;• Purchasing office equipment, hardware, photo- copiers and rolling stock;• Securing the sites of the Ministry;• Equipping the of the Upper-Sanaga Divisional Delegation of Youth Affairs and Civic Education;• Mastery of the real number of the personnel and payroll of MINJEC;• Launching a study on the elaboration in Cameroon of a National Voluntary Service Programme.To this, we should add:• Building the personnel’s capacity in various areas while keeping on the steps for the recruit- ment of Youth and Animation executives, other technicians working in the youth milieu and sup- port staff;• Accompaniment by National Youth Council of Cameroon, not to mention the follow-up of the file on the management of motorbike taxis.We should equally point out that earlier in 2016, it was about implementing the Special Youth Three-year Plan, whose components include: the implementation of the National Youth Observatory, specialization in a few pro- grammes and projects of MINJEC like PAJER-U and PIFMAS, FONIJ, etc., as well as the role of the National Civic Service Agency for Participation to Development in the moral rearma- ment of the youth; the construction or rehabilita- tion coupled with the equipping of infrastructures and locally socio-educational mobilization, accompaniment and training equipment for the youth such as the Youth Promotion Multipurpose Centres, the civic service training centres, the National Popular and Civic Education Centre and the National Production and Publishing Centre of Information for the Youth nThe Minister of Youth Affairs and Civic Education officially visiting a regional departmentLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN103

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