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107Higher EducationINTRODUCTIONHigher education consists of all teachings and post-secondary trainings provided both by public and private institutions accredited by the State as higher education schools. It is the final component of the national education’s educatio- nal system.Higher education contains four major bodies: n The Ministry of Higher Education;n State universities;n Public schools of higher education partly under supervision by the Ministry of Higher Education;n Private schools of higher education.In 2015, the budget allocated to the Ministry of Higher Education is 51.9 billion for 49.2 the previous year. An allocation of 40.3 billion is made available for State’s university, including 12.5 billion infrastructure improvements and 27.8 billion for their running. Besides, an amount of seven billion is allocated to scholarships and internships, of which four billion allocated to 90,000 under merit scholarships.THE MINISTRY OF HIGHER EDUCATIONThe Ministry of Higher Education (MINESUP), reorganized by presidential decree on 8 December 2004, is responsible for the elabora- tion, implementation and enforcement of Government’s policies as regards the higher edu- cation, organization, running and educational supervision of higher education.The Ministry of Higher Education studies and offers government the ways and means aiming at adapting constantly the higher education system to national economic and social realities, in particular with regard to the sufficiency of higher education to the needs of Cameroonian economy.In addition, it liaises with all sectors in national life for the professionalization of higher educa- tion. It also exercises supervision over universi- ties, as well as all the university centres and insti- tutions, public and private inclusive. On this account, MINESUP had authorized the creation and functioning in January 2005 of about thirty private higher education institutions. In their great majority, the said institutions provide vocational training.LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN

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