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116LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNorganization on September 20, 1960 plays a significant role in the United Nations system. Indeed, Cameroon is among the African countries that parti- cipate positively and actively to UN activities.Cameroon took part in several UN peacekee- ping operations in Cambodia, Kossovo, Burundi, Cote d’Ivoire, CAR, Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti and Sudan. Nearly a thousand of Cameroonian soldiers are part of a contingent.At sub-regional level, Cameroon puts a lot of effort into the activities of the United Nations Standing Advisory Committee on Security Question in Central Africa under the aegis of which, Yaoundé in collaboration with other capi- tals of Central Africa, has initiated the creation of the Peace and Security Council for Central Africa (COPAX). The newly existing structure will inspire African mechanism in this field, the operation of EIFORCES School of Awae, which according to the will of the Head of State Paul Biya should strengthen the participation of Cameroon at peace-keeping operations through Formed Units.Besides, Cameroon was actively involved in the development and adoption of a binding instru- ment on controlling the flow of small arms and light weapons in the sub-region during the thir- tieth session of the UN Advisory Committee for security questions in Central Africa held in Kinshasa (DRC) April 30, 2010.We should point out that Cameroon, presided over the Conference on Disarmament from August 3 to September 24, 2010, besides hos- ting in Yaoundé from the 24 to 25 June 2013, the ECCAS and ECOWAS Summit of Heads of State and Government on maritime safety and security in the Gulf of Guinea. Not to mention in the last resort, the finalization of the implementa- tion process of the ICC whose activities were launched September 11, 2014 when they inau- gurated their provisional headquarters rented by the State for an initial period of one year at Golfe Ntougou in Yaoundé.Cameroon who has determined to make the res- pect of human rights and the restoration of the rule of law a key objective within the context of the “Greater Achievements”, gets down to the promotion and protection of all human rights. Yaoundé has developed and filed to relevant UN bodies all reports due under the human rights conventions ratified by our country.CAMEROON AND THE AFRICAN UNIONFounding member of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), Cameroon ratified in November 9, 2003 the Constitutive Act of the African Union (AU).On the major issues of the African Union, Cameroon's position is clear. It was distinctly out- lined at the Accra Summit in July 2007 byStatement by the President Paul Biya at United NationsPresident Paul Biya, who expressed his country's preference for a gradual and constant approach concerning the setting up of the institution, which he recognized as greatly significant in the deve- lopment and consolidation of the integration pro- cess in Africa.President Paul Biya had indeed identified the need to consolidate as a priority, integration in each of the sub-regions before considering it on the conti- nental map where Cameroon contributes obviously to the general agreement created on the need to set up forward the United States of Africa.In the context of the full implementation of the AU’s structures as provided for in the Constitutive Act, Yaoundé was chosen to host the headquar- ters of the African Monetary Fund (AMF). The Memorandum of Understanding on the Steering Committee for its implementation was signed.Cameroon is also actively involved in many actions of the African Union to promote peace and security in Africa. The fruits of such a commit- ment can be seen. For instance, Douala was cho- sen in December 2010 (during the session of the AU’s defence and security committee) to host the African Forces’ continental logistics base (CLB) while waiting for the AU. The decision was endorsed by the conference of Heads of State in January 2011. The process leading to the opera- tionalization of the CLB is under way. Seminars were held in Douala for that purpose.

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