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126LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNThe objective behind the cooperation is to streng- then the confidence of the international financial community and consolidate the achievements of previous programmes, particularly regarding the stability of the macroeconomic framework and improvement on the management of public finances.With the assistance of the IMF and the World Bank, Cameroon macro-economic policy priority is to achieve a stronger and more inclusive growth by making up the infrastructure gap and improving the business climate.The Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP), which served as a compass to the State was revi- sed and replaced by the Growth and Employment Strategy Paper (GESP). In doing so, the government formulated a vision of develop- ment by 2035, which is well summed up by a slogan: "Cameroon: an emerging and democra- tic that is united in its diversity."RELATIONS WITH THE MULTILATERAL INVESTMENT GUARANTEE AGENCYCameroon signed with various countries, invest- ment guarantee agreements. Some of these coun- tries are France, Luxembourg, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, China, Romania and Belgium. In addition to these bilateral agree- ments, Yaoundé concluded in 1999 with the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) a framework agreement under which the institution provides technical assistance to Cameroon. The cooperation strengthens the guarantees provided bilaterally. It aimsto encourage investment for productive purposes, thus supporting the work of the World Bank and its subsidiaries.To this end, the Agency shall issue guarantees, including through co-insurance and reinsurance operations against non-commercial risks for investments of Member States in other Member States. It contributes through appropriate complementary activities, to promote investment flows towards and between developing Member States.MIGA made a diagnosis of the National Investment Corporation (SNI). The approved action plan, first involved the examination of an institutional framework. MIGA provides assis- tance to SNI to improve its communication policy. Cameroon derives ascertained advan- tages from its mebership to MIGA. The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency is an institution that gives bail to foreign investors wishing to settle in the country. MIGA provides assistance to the SNI for investment promotion.Its guarantee covers political risks: civil wars and nationalization of companies. It may help shed light on potential investments and partnerships that exist in Cameroon.COOPERATION WITH THE EUROPEAN UNIONHistorically, Cameroon is linked to European countries; it has always had significant and diver- sified relations with the European Economic Community (EEC), which later became the European Union (EU).The Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Mrs Christine Lagarde and President Paul Biya in Yaoundé

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