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129Bilateral cooperationCameroon keeps alive with its traditional partners efficient and ongoing policy. President Paul Biya's trips to foreign countries and audiences he grants many foreign authorities in Yaoundé show the tighte- ned relationship he has with his foreign counterparts.In the light of these multiple contacts and of the results they have produced or of expected fruits, it is clear that the foreign policy of Yaoundé, conduc- ted with patience and determination by President Paul Biya allows Cameroon to establish confident and successful relationships with many countries.FRANCE-CAMEROON: IN GOOD FRIENDSThe period from 2013 to 2016 helped to reaffirm the friendship between France and Cameroon through a series of facts. Thus, President Paul Biya, in response to an invitation of his French counterpart François Hollande, took part in December 2013 to a summit on security in Africa at the Elysée Palace. On the occasion Paris pro- mised, among others, to support the resolutions taken seven months earlier in Yaoundé during the summit on security in the Gulf of Guinea.In 2014, President Paul Biya visited France twice. First, in May when he attended a summit conve- ned by President François Hollande on security in Nigeria; an occasion which led to a declarationof war against the Islamist sect Boko Haram. Then in August 2014, when he took part in cere- monies organized in France to mark the 70th anniversary of the debarkation in Provence. This was an opportunity to refresh the memory and recognize the contribution of friends of France including Cameroon, to its liberation in 1945.The state visit paid by President François Hollande to Cameroon in July 2015 and during which four funding agreements were signed to highlight the event, and later in June 2016, the signing in Yaounde of a 3rd Debt Reduction- Development Contract (C2D) of an amount of 400 billion CFA francs, testify that the friendship between the two countries is quarrel free.CHINA-CAMEROON: CONFIDENT RELATIONSHIPChina-Cameroon cooperation came to existence in March 26, 1971 when the two countries esta- blished diplomatic relations. They then were concerned with promoting the blooming of their respective people and the cooperation grew stronger as years went by. The evolution is such that, beyond the frequent exchanges of good pro- cedures and protocols, the diplomatic relations- hips between Beijing and Yaoundé have become a model of cooperation between a country of the Global South and an emerging country.LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN

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