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areas could not prevent Cameroon from achieving its growth objectives. The ability to resist and take up economic challenges also enabled Cameroon to achieve good results at military level. Addressing his compatriots in his mes- sage to the nation on 31 December 2015, President Paul Biya noted and wel- comed: “Our nation has succeeded in putting up a fierce resistance to the ter- rorists of Boko Haram, throughout the year. At this juncture, I would like to pay a glowing tribute to our defence and security forces, as well as our people. The courage and professionalism of our forces and the commitment and cou- rage of our people have helped to preserve our territorial integrity. Not one centimetre of our territory has been ceded to the aggressors. Better still, we have, on several occasions, inflicted serious military setbacks on them”.Although the results obtained in recent years at security and economic levels are satisfactory, however, many challenges are still ahead on both fronts. Militarily, it is now a matter of putting away the terrorists of Boko Haram which, driven into a corner, now resort to the abhorrent practice of suicide bombings. Thanks to support to the Cameroonian army from many friendly countries including the United States of America, France, China, Russia, Germany ... and the entry into service of the Mixed Multinational Force (FMM) which brings together all the armies of the countries of the Lake Chad basin Commission, according to many informed observers it’s clear that the days of Boko Haram are numbered.Economically, the course has been set: Attaining emergence by 2035. To achieve it, economic expansion should experience a continual speed up so as to grow stronger, sustainable, inclusive and capable of generating employ- ment. Such an approach includes the modernization of the production appa- ratus, productivity improvement, competitiveness, business climate and access to finance, as well as enhancement of the country's large economic potential.The International Economic Conference held in Yaounde from the 17 to 18 May 2016 at the initiative of President Paul Biya on the theme: “Investing in Cameroon, a land of attractiveness” is part of this package. More than 800 personalities including former political leaders, ministers, representatives of African and international development institutions, business leaders, industria- lists, contractors and financiers from around the world took part in it.For 48 hours, it was about examining Cameroon's economy in all essen- tials; seeing how the private sector can contribute to expansion; and asses- sing the attractiveness of the country to stimulate its integration into the glo- bal economy more effectively.In his opening speech at the conference, President Paul Biya recalled his vision: “Our objective is to become an emergent country by 2035. Above all, Cameroon is determined to encourage private investment so as to speed up economic expansion and prosperity for its people”.LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN13

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