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130LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNTo date, the China-Cameroon cooperation is based on a legal framework consisting of about thirty agreements. China and Cameroon belong to international organizations and groups inclu- ding: the UN, the Non-Aligned Group, the Group of 77 and the WTO. As such, the two countries have common views on major interna- tional issues like on International easing and security, disarmament, conflict resolution through peaceful means and dialogue, search for a new economic international order.High-level exchange visits have been particularly intense between the two countries since the acces- sion of President Paul Biya to supreme office. Thus, former President, Hu Jantao of the Chinese People’s Republic paid an official visit to Cameroon. As for President Paul Biya, he has already paid five offi- cial visits in China. Sino-Cameroonian relations are all the more confiding that many Chinese compa- nies contribute to carrying out a few Greater Achievements, through their participation in several key projects as the construction of the deep water port of Kribi, the hydroelectric dams of Lom Pangar and Memve’ele, the gynaeco-obstetric and paedia- tric hospital of Douala.CAMEROON-USA: A BETTER UNDERSTANDINGLongstanding and diversified, cooperation bet- ween Cameroon and the United States moved a step forward on the occasion of the first Africa-USA Summit organized in August 2014 at President Barack Obama’s initiative. The talks to which President Paul Biya took part, enabled to highlight convergence of views between Yaoundé and Washington on many common interest issues.Peace and security, two inseparable concepts, are regarded by both countries as essential prerequi- sites, the bedrock of any true development and social progress policy. On these crucial issues, Yaoundé and Washington are fully aligned. This explains and justifies sustained cooperation bet- ween the two parties in these fields. The major event marking this successful cooperation is the US contri- bution to the Cameroonian military training, espe- cially in the areas of the fight against crime, maritime security, and in peace-keeping operations.Concerning democracy and governance, we should point out that Cameroon has put a lot of effort for many years now, at President Biya’s behest, in constructing the taking root of democracy and consolidation of the rule of law. A process which needed continual updating of the institutions, mains- treaming of human rights, improvement of the elec- toral system, fierce and relentless fight against cor- ruption and authors of offences against public funds.In the same chapter, the recent creation and imple- mentation of a new jurisdiction, the Special Criminal Court (TCS) has generated some interest to the US, for this "Clean hands" operation aimedat restoring the cult of respect for the public good with success already arising. Similarly, the emer- gence of the independent body responsible for organizing, controlling and supervising elections, ELECAM, sparked a deep political easing in the national triangle. These palpable democratic advances have helped to dispel many misunders- tandings and to smooth differences between Yaoundé and Washington. The visit in February 2012 in Yaoundé of Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe, US representative to the UN Council for Human Rights in Geneva fits in this same move.As to trade and investments sector, although the volume of trade between Cameroon and the United States is experiencing a rising trend since 2011, however, it is still below the potential of the two economies. One of the main handicaps is the limited number of products traded: cocoa, wood, tobacco, oil.One of the hindering factors is also the business climate that is not attractive enough to the US side that constantly calls for simplification of administrative procedures.But there is also the extreme complexity of the US market and standards that cause hindrances. Nevertheless, we notice a relatively significant presence of US economic interests in Cameroon. One of these is the mining company Geovic which is well established in the East Region with an investment of a few billions of dollars.CAMEROON - NIGERIA: A NEW IMPETUSLeading economy and most populated country in Africa, Nigeria shares with Cameroon a border of about 1700 km. What happens in one of the two countries cannot leave the other one indiffe- rent, hence a special relation with many ups andPresidents Paul Biya and Barack Obama with their respective wifes

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