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135Mines, Water, Energy, HydrocarbonsINTRODUCTIONResolving water and energy shortages, boosting hydrocarbons research, industrial exploitation of the various mineral deposits, which abound in the Cameroonian subsoil, are top current priori- ties in Cameroon. The country notably relies on these projects to pave its way to the status of an emerging country come 2035.Regarding the deficit in water and energy, it has been a serious hurdle to economic and industrial activity in recent years with a negative impact on growth. This deficit impacts house- holds as well as companies that are employ- ment and wealth generators. This results in a heavy uncertainty on the success of the crusade launched by the President of the Republic Paul Biya against poverty which is a major focus of his policy and reason why multiple actions have been taken in recent years by the government to reduce the deficit.MINESCameroon, a geological wonder! Figures and facts confirm a reality that cannot be considered a mere slogan. In the same token, the use of many mineral deposits which abound in the sub-soil of the country is one of the pillars of the eco- nomic recovery of Cameroon. Currently tapped only around 40% according to the Ministry in charge of mines, Cameroon subsoil whose main deposits are world scale is a major economic asset, generating employment and resources and essential tool in the fight against poverty. The recent admission of Cameroon within the Kimberley Process (August 2012) opens a new era for the brilliant diamond potential of the coun- try. In fact, it marks a decisive step towards effi- cient tapping of the country’s natural resources.What is true for the diamond is also true for other minerals, hence a wide diversity. While the bulk of mining in Cameroon has been traditional for decades, the era of industrialization is taking place with all the projects and programmes that are going on or being envisaged.MINED DEPOSITSThere are mainly three:• Limestone of Figuil 600,000 tons, operating permit issued to CIMENCAM;• Marble quarries of Bidzar and Biou 4,000 tons of carbon hydroxyde, 2,000 tons of tiles;• Pozzuolana.LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN

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