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136LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNUNIMINED DEPOSITSNickel-Cobalt-Manganese of Lomié• Expected annual production: 4,160 tons of cobalt, 3,280 tons of nickel, 45,000 tons of manganese;• Assessed reserves in the operating area of Nkamouna: 54.7 million tons;• Project cost: 615 million dollars; • Direct jobs: 800;• Indirect jobs: 400Eleven years after they had obtained the ever first mining licence in Cameroon on 11 April 2003, GEOVIC Cameroon, a subsidiary of the Americano-Canadian Company GEOVIC Mining Corp abandoned in 2014 the mining project of the bauxite, cobalt and manganese deposit in Nkamouna, Lomié Subdivision, Est Region.Mbalam iron• Reserves: not yet totally evaluated; estimates are now around 200 million tons of rich iron and 1.2 billion tons of poor iron;• Intended exploitation rate of 40 million tons per year;• Project cost: US $ 5 billion;• Jobs opportunities: 3,000 direct jobs;A view of the drinking-water treatment plant at Yato, Littoral RegionThe infrastructure project related to the project had to be signed in December 2015 between the State of Cameroon who has decided to take control over this aspect of the project after Sundance had failed in mobilizing the funding late June 2015. Although the Chinese company Ghezouba Group still shows an interest in the project, they wish to postpone the signing of the contract, hoping “market conditions improve and the process in the mobilization of funds more advanced”.Minim-Martap and Ngaoundal Bauxite• Reserves: more than 754 million tons;• Certification of reserves for feasibility studiesare in progress;• Estimated Project Cost: US $ 5 to 6 billion;• Job opportunities: 2,500 to 3,000 direct jobs;The project is looking for a buyer after the com- pany Hydromine Cameroon had failed in mobili- zing 5000 billion CFAF promised to start the development of the bauxite ore.Mobilong DiamondThe deposit will be operated by Cameroon and Korean Mining Company• Estimated reserves of 420 million carats (geo- logical estimate);• Projected Investment: US $ 1 billion over 25 years;• Jobs opportunities: 4,000 direct jobs;

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