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Poli UraniumThe Company Nu Energy Cameroon was cho- sen for its operation.• Estimated reserves: 13,125 tons in Poli and 11,000 tons in the area of Lolodorf.Akonolinga RutileSuccessful bidder for the development: Free Mining in association with the American Company GHIA.• Estimated reserves: 3 million tons;• Reserves by Serak certification: 760,000 tons.Kribi Iron ProjectCertification research licence was recently gran- ted Sinosteel Cameroon for a total of 67 explo- ration licences granted.WATERProviding quantity and quality water to the popu- lation is the leitmotiv of the State of Cameroon. Safe water reduces the risk of waterborne diseases and therefore preserves population’s health. A healthy population is more likely to par- ticipate in economic and social development goals. This is the underlying idea behind drinking water and sanitation policies.Improving population access to drinking water in cities and villages of Cameroon is therefore one of the most pressing concerns. Prospects in the short and medium term are even brighter insofar as a number of actions with imminent outcome are underway.ACTIONS IN PROGRESS OR PLANNEDThey are based on building productive capaci- ties in the large cities, rehabilitating the existing facilities, and constructing new infrastructures.DOUALAThe Project Yatto I aiming at strengthening drinking water supply is in operation since 2010. Backed on the River Moungo, it has enabled in its first phase to increase production by 50,000 m3/d, which moved capacity production to 175,000 m3. As for the Project Yatto II, still in its second phase, it will increase daily water production by additional 100,000 m3/d in 2014 to reach overall daily pro- duction of 275,000 m3 of water in the economic capital. Works are virtually completed, pending com- pletion of those on the River Wouri’s hose bridge.YAOUNDEAfter the rehabilitation of the water treatment plant of Mefou that increased water supply by 50,000 m3 in Yaounde, the focus is now on the Yaounde/Akomnyada AEP project. The water treatment plant of Akomnyada (Mbalmayo), which provides Yaounde with 100,000 m3/day is being expanded and modernized. It will therefore allow increase in the coming months its production capacity by an extra 40,000 m3/day. Thanks to the contribution and rehabilitation of the water treatment plant of Mefou, the political capital of Cameroon will have its drinking water supply increased by 190,000 m3/day. Nevertheless, the issue of drinking water in Yaounde will find a las- ting solution only with the implementation of the Yaounde water supply project from the Sanaga River whose state of progress is the following:SECONDARY CITIES AND SEMI-URBAN LOCATIONSThe drinking water issue does not come up only in the largest cities. A funding from Exim-Bank China contributes therefore currently to increasing water supply since early 2015. The initiative concerns Sangmelima, Kribi, Bamenda and Bafoussam, four secondary cities. We should also point out that the semi-urban locations are part of this, through a project that started in 2015 on behalf of 19 councils with the following features:water supply project of Yaounde and its surroundings from the Sanaga RiverOBJECTIVETHE PROJECT AIMS AT PROVEDING ADDITIONAL DRINKING WATER IN THE CITY OF YAOUNDE AND ITS SUR- ROUNDINGS, OF A VOLUME OF 300,000 M3 A DAY AND ABSORB FOR GOOD THE CURRENTLYDEFICIT OBSERVED IN SUPPLYING WATER IN THE TOWNTECHNICAL ASPECTWORK CONSISTIN BUILDING A RESERVOIR OF SIX BILLION M3 OF STORAGE CAPACITY, SETTING UPA 30 MW POWER PLANTAT TOE OF DAM FORTHE ELECTRIFICATIONOF THE EAST REGION AND AN ENERGY CHOKE LINE OF 90 KW AND 120 KWBACKER• STATE OF CAMEROON 93 BILLION CFAF• EXIMBANK CHINACURRENT SITUATION• A FUNDING AGREEMENT WAS SIGNED WITH EXIMBANK• THE SUPERVISION CONTRACT WAS SIGNED;• THE MOBILIZATION OF NECESSARY RESOURCES FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE AGREEMENT IS IN PROGRESS (46 BILLION ALREDY)LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN137

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