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• Modernizing and upgrading the dispatching of interconnected South network, and building a dis- patching to drive the interconnected North network;• Setting the infrastructures backbone of electric interconnection with the neighbouring countries.The programme should cost about 940 billion FCFA and includes four main phases, the first of which is to increase the processing capacity of the two critical stations at Oyom Abang in Yaounde and Bekoko in Douala for an estimated cost of 10 billion FCFA. The second phase, from 2017 to 2018 is about continuing the implementation of the Three-year Emergency Plan and consists in serving and surrounding Douala and Yaounde, mainly with a view to a coverage of the 2019 ANC, for a cost of about 216 billion. The third phase covering the period 2019 to 2020 concerns the outgoing power lines produced from the Nachtigal dam at a cost of 329 billion, and the last one, from 2020 to 2022 will concern the transmission lines to convey energy to be produced by other dams such as Song Dong, Menchum, etc. This last phase is estimated at 385 billion.STRUCTURAL PROJECTSThe hydroelectric dam of Lom PangarLocation: The confluence of the Lom and Pangar Rivers in the East Region, 117 km away from Bertoua, on the Deng Deng road.Technical Aspect: Construction of a 6-billion m3 storage capacity tank; construction of a power plant at toe of dam of 30 MW for the electrifica- tion of the East Region and a 90-Kw outgoing power line of 120 km.Project cost: About CFAF 155 billion shared between Cameroon government (20%) and various bilateral and multilateral backers (80%), including the World Bank, AFD, BEI, ADB and BDAC.Commissioning: impoundment to the dam took place in September 2015, whereas commissio- ning itself should be in 2016.The hydroelectric development of Memve’eleLocation: Nyabizan, a small village of Ma’an Subdivision in the Ntem Valley Division, South Region.Technical aspect: Power of the hydroelectric dam: 201-MW hydroelectric dam, with a production capacity of 1140 GWh/year.Project cost: CFAF 365 billion co-financed by Eximbank China, ADB and Cameroon government.The hydroelectric dam is expected to come into service by 2016/2017.The hydroelectric development of MekinLocation: On the banks of Dja River, more precisely at its confluence with the Lobo and Sabe Rivers in the Subdivision of Meyomessala, Dja-and-Lobo Division, South province.Technical aspect: A 15-mw power station at toe of dam and outgoing power line of 110 Kw over 33 km alongside Mekin River at a location under the name Njom Yekombo.A view of the Drinkable water treatment plant of Yato in the region of the LitoralLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN139

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