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14LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNNot surprising therefore that during the meeting, Cameroon highlighted many advantages that underpin its attractiveness:• Its strategic position at the crossroads of West and Central Africa, at the intersection of ECOWAS and CEMAC zones;• Its Atlantic coastline, railway, three international airports, and 50,000 kilo- metres of roads that favour an easy integration into regional and global trade;• Its abundant natural resources, soil diversity, climate and natural environ- ments are favourable to agriculture; and its hydroelectric potential, the second largest one in Africa, and considerable natural gas reserves;• Its plentiful, young and skilled supply of labour;• The law on private investment incentive which encourages the develop- ment of priority structural sectors such as: agri-business, transport infrastruc- ture, energy, industrialization, social housing and urban development, extractive industries and new technologies.Another advantage and not least is that Cameroon is a haven of peace, a rule of law, a country of freedom. Its institutions are stable and functional; they can adapt to changes in society to ensure social peace, security of people and property, and political stability of the country.The success of this meeting which opened new prospects to Cameroonian economy has been all the more resounding so since they allowed, by put- ting face to face project developers and investors, to trigger contracts and business partnerships.After a strategy and environment were established for an increasing number of private investors to come, Cameroon is facing the economic challenge of industrialization. In his message to the nation on 31 December 2015 pre- viously quoted, the Head of State, Paul Biya had ordered the government to tackle it. In 2016, the major challenge for our country is to create conditions for a real industrialization. Emergence is inconceivable without a viable indus- try. We have many resources in areas like agriculture, mining, tourism and human resources. They are, for our country, a considerable growth reserve. The President declared: “I have instructed the government to speed up the implementation of conditions necessary for our country’s industrialization”. In this prospects, many projects have been completed or are underway.Therefore, in order to make energy sufficiently available, the government undertook a series of actions, including among others, the construction of a dam reservoir with a useful capacity of six billion cubic metres, combined with a 30-megawatt power plant at toe of dam and a transmission line of 90kv at Lom-Pangar. Partial impounding of the dam was carried out successfully on

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