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for two additional periods of two years each, during which it is intended, each time, the drilling of an exploration well. The minimum financial commitment for the three periods of a maximum of seven years is US $ 43 million. A few environ- mental and social impact studies will be carried out prior to each of the planned activities.Thali has a water depth of 30 to 50 metres, which will facilitate the operations. But above all, they have a good oil potential: three of the six holes that were carried out there between 1967 and2010 have led to hydrocarbon discoveries. Hence the legitimate optimism by the CEO of Tower Resources, who wished to seeing partici- pants afresh at the CPP Thali signing ceremony for the announcement of a commercial hydrocar- bon discovery in the block.PRODUCTIONOil production registered an increase by 19.42% over the first four months of the year 2016, to stand at 12.3 million barrels. The increase results from Iroko field’s additional deve- lopment and production optimization of other fields, as well.As for gas production, it was 4,286.6 million cubic feet on 30 April, a drop by 5.77% compa- red to the same period in 2015, due to a lower demand from the Kribi thermal power station.The average daily consumption of the plant total- led 24.94 million cubic feet in the first four months of the year 2016, below the contractualobligation level to remove 28 million cubic feet per day. The corresponding average power production is 115 megawatts (MW),53.24% of installed capacity of the infrastructure, namely 216 MW. In total, for the reference period, the SNH delivered 3,017.13 million cubic feet of gas at the Kribi thermal power station.The quantities of crude oil sold by the SNH on behalf of the State amounted, for their part, 8.185 million barrels on 30 April, showing an uptrend of 25.11% due to increased production.Besides, it is necessary to know, in the field of gas resource development, the start of field work on the Floating LNG project for the setting up of a floating liquefaction plant off Kribi, to start exporting natural gas from Cameroon.The project also includes a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) production unit, commonly known as domestic gas, to raise the current domestic sup- ply in deficit.TRANSFER TO THE PUBLIC REVENUE DEPARTMENTSales by the SNH allowed between January and April, to transfer to the Public Revenue Department, after deducting production costs, the cumulative sum of 82.44 million CFAF. The transfers are down by 17.3% on the same period of 2015 financial year, due to the drop in crude oil prices.Besides, the Chad/Cameroon Pipeline genera- ted a revenue of 10.88 billion CFAF under the transit dues.Oil production recorded an increase by 19.42% over the first four months of 2016LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN143

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