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Ministry of Water and EnergyThe Ministry of Water and Energy (MINEE) is responsible for the development, implementation and monitoring of the national water and energy policy; It notably acts in production, transmission and distribution of water and energy...DEVELOPMENT PLAYERThe Ministry of Water and Energy (MINEE) is a leading actor of development in Cameroon. This is due of permanent measures it takes to improve the supply but also the population's access to public energy, and sanitation services, actions that also benefits businesses. The year 2015 recorded many achievements in this direction. Thus, the following actions can be noted:ENERGY SUPPLY PROGRAMAs part of this program, and especially for secu- ring the supply of electric energy in the countries at short, medium and long term, various actions were carried out: the continuing construction of the reservoir dam at Lom Pangar (overall achieve- ment rate at over 88% in late 2015); the continuation of construction of the hydroelectric Plant of Memve’ele on the Ntem (overall rate of works progress estimated at more than 74% in late 2015).Other achievements in this regard are the conti- nuation of construction of Mekin hydropower plant (completion rate at around 90% at end 2015); further negotiations of the gas price, as part of the structuring of the extension of the Kribi gas plant; continuing process of hydroelectric development of 72 megawatts (MW) on the river Menchum; further structuring of the 280 mega- watts (MW) Hydroelectric Dam in Song Dong; continuing development process of the 420 megawatts (MW) Nachtigal-Front Dam, of which the financial closure is expected at end 2016 and commissioning in 2020/2021; the deve- lopment of upgrade program and increase of transit capacity of public electricity transmission networks, etc.Moreover, there was the creation of the National Company for Electricity Transmission (SONATREL). Furthermore, the draft decree on the control of elec- trical infrastructure was produced and submitted for consideration of the Government.In the promotion of regional energy integration, the interconnection projects with Chad, Nigeria, Congo, Gabon and the Central African Republic, continued normally.In the field of petroleum and gas in particular, in securing the country's energy supply, continued work was done for the restructuring of SONARA and improved storage capacity of oil products and domestic gas.Regarding the access to energy program, various electrification programs and extension of net- works across the country have been intensified. In terms of institutional capacity building, studies to develop a Rural Electrification Master Plan were started. In the field of renewable energies and energy efficiency, in 2015 Cameroon reite- rated its commitment to fight against climate change, promoting clean energy. We should also mention the signing by Cameroon of the Joint Declaration for enhanced cooperation in the field of sustainable energy on 7th December 2015 in Paris, on the sidelines of CoP 21.Activities in 2015 in this area include, among others, the development of solar rural electrifica- tion projects in 166 communities; the construction of solar power plants and / or installation of solar street lights in several areas of Central and South in particular. This is the case of the Mvomeka'a solar power plant inaugurated on August 27, 2015.In the field of petroleum and gas activities, fight against fraud of petroleum products have conti- nued, through two programs that have reduced fraud to a level not seen over decades.ACCESS TO WATERIn the field, the MINEE made efforts including strengthening access to safe drinking water and sanitation in urban, semi-urban and rural areas.As examples, the following works continued: >>>LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN145

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