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146LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNthe implementation process of Potable Water Supply Project in Yaoundé from the Sanaga River, and the implementation process of the emer- gency project with Imperial Holdings Limited. In liquid sanitation component especially, MINEE continued the implementation of the Liquid Sanitation Project aiming to improve the planning and management of the liquid sanitation sector and supply of access to sanitation services in its three urban, rural and institutional components.The Triennial Emergency Plan for Growth Acceleration decided by the Head of State, in its water and electricity component, has also made progress. Thus, the first phase of construction of 900 boreholes in nine regions and 19 mini AEP (drinking water supply) in the Northwest Region was launched. The second phase includes the construction of 3000 wells in the three northern regions. In this framework, all regions of Cameroon will benefit each of three ASPs and the Far North Region of six reservoirs. Regarding electricity, the construction of the hydroelectric dam at Warak Bini and strengthening of the elec- tricity transmission network, including the construction of the Douala-Edea Edea and Yaoundé-lines were planned. Objectives sought under the construction of these lines: discharging electrical energy production centers to major consumption centers; making more flexible, ope- ration of the existing power grid and finally; relie- ving substations in an overload situation.The new offices of the Ministry of Water and Energy in YaoundéTAKING ON CHALLENGESIn MINEE, plans are under way to double efforts in 2016 to consolidate the gains and improve results in the lead to energy and water emergence.Thus, in terms of energy supply, priority actions will be structured around various strategic areas: the continuation of the supply of security measures in the supply of energy to the country in the short, medium and long term; the continued improvement of access for people in rural and peri-urban areas to modern energy services; the implementation of the demand management of energy programs in public buildings and households; the continued improvement of the institutional and regulatory fra- mework and capacity building of institutional actors; the continued promotion of electricity inter- connections with neighboring countries in the context of energy exchanges. We can also allude to the closure of engineering studies and the start of construction of the pipeline Limbe-Douala- Yaoundé Edéa- section for the transfer of petroleum products of the national refinery to the main depo- sit and from the main deposit to deposits inland; the continued increase in oil depots storage capa- city across the entire national territory by the SCDP and authorized private companies; the further enhancement of natural gas resources.In terms of improving secure supply of power in the country at short, medium and long term, actions will go in the direction of continued construction of major works, including Lom > > >

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