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Pangar Memve 'ele and Mekin. Particular atten- tion is paid to the preparation and the start of transport projects of second-generation electricity and production infrastructure.PIPELINE CONSTRUCTIONIn the field of petroleum products, MINEE will continue to monitor the pipeline construction pro- ject on the Douala-Edea -Limbe-Yaoundé stretch for the transfer of petroleum products, the increase in storage capacity program of SCDP deposits and structuring of construction of the Kribi oil terminal.As part of improving the access of people in rural and peri-urban areas to modern energy services, the Ministry will conti- nue its various electrification networks programs and extension as well as social connections.Regarding the improvement of the institutional and regulatory framework, the development process of texts for application of the new law governing the electricity sector, and necessary steps to operationa- lize the SONATREL is expected to be pursued and to be completed. The first of concerns of MINEE is to allow the access to drinking water for allConcerning energy integration with neighboring countries, MINEE intends to continue discussions for the establishment of the legal framework necessary for the electricity interconnection with other neighboring states namely Gabon, CAR and Equatorial Guinea, Congo and Nigeria.RENEWABLE ENERGYIn the field of renewable energy and energy effi- ciency, MINEE will continue the development of clean energy, by giving priority to Renewable Energy Development Plan (PDER) by 2035.In terms of energy efficiency, the focus will be on completing the development of the preliminary draft law on energy conservation and the proposedestablishment of the National Agency for Development of Renewable Energy, provided by law.In terms of access to drinking water and sanita- tion, various projects already negotiated will be implemented, including:o The project to increase water production in Yaoundé and its surroundings in an emer- gency measure with the Indian group Imperial Holdings Limited;o The project to build 150 potable water sup- ply systems in 150 secondary centers and rural towns;o The project for the construction of 160 pota- ble water supply systems in rural areas (US project);o Scan water stations rehabilitation project whose funding negotiations are sufficiently advanced with the Turkish side.Moreover, the current actions will be continued, particularly in the context of the various supply projects for drinking water and sanitation. In addi- tion to this whole roadmap for 2016, it should be noted that the Ministry will be right in the imple- mentation of the first phase of the Triennial Emergency Plan for Accelerated Economic Growth as desired by the Head of State, and the first results are visible on the ground.The actions are namely the construction of 900 fitted boreholes in 9 regions and 19 AEP in the Northwest Region. The second phase of the plan will involve the construction of 3,000 fitted wells and six dams in the three northern regions. The actions for the supply of drinking water and energy to sports and hotel struc- tures, as part of the preparation for international com- petitions, including the African Cup of Feminine Football in 2016 and male in 2017 that Cameroon will host will also be conducted nThe MINEE is primarily concerned by providing safe drinking water to allLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN147

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