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148LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNMinistry of Mines, Industry and Technological DevelopmentThe Ministry of Mines, Industry and Technological Development plays a central role in the economic emergence process in Cameroon ...In order to develop a healthy, competitive and diversified industry which is capable of reversing the structure of foreign trade, MINMIDT gets down to continue its several tasks. Emphasis is laid on the elaboration and implementation of government’s mining and industrial policy and its technological development strategies in different sectors of the national economy. The MINMIDT’s strategic objective targets the industrialization through the processing and recovering of local raw materials.Three programmes have been accepted for these objectives, including: the development of mining and geological resources, diversification and improvement of the competitiveness in industrial sectors, and exploitation of inventions, technolo- gical innovations and industrial property assets. These guidelines aim at increasing the contribu- tion of geological and mining non-oil resources to GDP, processing the agricultural, mining and forestry raw materials through the development of industries and increasing the number of industrial property valued assets.For 2016, they will continue channeling mineral substances through the Framework for Support and Promotion of Artisanal Mining (CAPAM) and the Permanent National Secretariat of the Kimberley Process (SNPPK). The emphasis will be on improving information and geological and mining governance to attract more investors.The organization of the implementation of the Master Plan for Industrialization and operation of the National Committee of Inspections are also high in the list of priorities. The Law on Incentives for Private Investment will be popularized on the national territory. Concerning the establishment of a coherent and effective national system of qua- lity development, the development of a strategy and national food safety policy and the develop- ment of quality infrastructure are to be achieved. They will continue the implementation of the agri- business technopole through geotechnical and geophysical studies.The support for the prototyping of local inventions will also continue and Support Centres for Technology and Innovation will be extended throughout the country, newly recorded geogra- phical indications and capacities of structures in charge of industrial property will be strengthened with the support of the World Organization of Intellectual Property (WIPO). Are also provided: Cameroon’s application to the regional intellec- tual property system, which allows on the basis of an application and deposit, to obtain protection in 17 member states and opens a potential market of 100 million inhabitants. An undeniable advantage for investors. All these development opportunities allow to envisage a serenely expected future.MINING, THE TIME TO SOARSince the cabinet reshuffle of December 9, 2011, the MINMIDT is responsible for the deve- lopment and implementation of the government’s policy as regards mining and industry, as well as that of technological development strategies in the different sectors of the national economy. It has a major part to play in the symphony concei- ved by the Head of State, His Excellency Paul Biya, for the national economy. The policy stron- gly relies on the soaring of the mining industry, through the development of strategies capable to lead to a globally competitive mining sector which creates wealth and added value.Pieces of information on the Cameroonian soil and subsoil are estimated at about 60%. The country has a modest proven hydrocarbon poten- tial, a little more considerable bauxite (nearly one billion one hundred and sixty million tons), natural gas (200 billion cubic metres), iron (several mil- lion tons), three million tons of rutile and several tons of gold and diamonds. Manyother mineral subtances have been revealed to date like: limestone, marble, pozzuolana, silica sand, salt, clay and mineral water, to name a few.

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