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149A FEW ACHIEVEMENTS THAT SPEAK VOLUMESIn geological and mining areas, we point out: the channeling of some mineral substances (gold and sapphire), the deduction of 15% of gold pro- duction from artisanal mining and the handover of more than 200 kg of gold to the Treasury by CAPAM; the signing of a transition agreement for the strategic reorientation of the Mbalam iron project between the State and Cam Iron; the continuation of the gradual establishment of a modernized mining land registry; the geological and mining prospecting campaign which led to the identification of two zones of gold showings and an average iron content index in the Ntem Valley (South); Preliminary results of the airborne geophysical campaign were presented and will be used for the making of 14 geological and geochemical maps at a scale of 1 to 200 000.At industrial level, we note: the finalization of the study on the rebuilding of the National Investment Corporation (SNI); the finalization of the Master Plan for Industrialization (PDI) which will define the strategic main lines of the 2nd industrializa- tion of Cameroon; the accompaniment of private investment with the following results: the setting up and the start of production of the Dangote, Medcem and Cimaf cement plants in Douala.On the objective of making Cameroon a destina- tion of investment, we should mention: the signing of over 50 agreements since 2014. The planned investments amount to 555 billion CFA francs and over 18 000 direct jobs projected from start of projects; the harmonization of ins- pections of firms classified as dangerous, unheal- thy and unsuitable.As regards standardization and Quality, we have: the launch of the Quality Infrastructure Programme in Central Africa (PIQAC) with EU and UNIDO support; the Conformity Assessment Before Boarding Program (PECAE) developed and validated by the Prime Minister's Office; the development of a draft framework law on the development of quality infrastructure; organiza- tion of the first national forum on Genetically Modified Organisms in September 2015.regarding Technological Development and Industrial Property, the balance sheet reveals: a national policy of the industrial property and tech- nological development developed and valida- ted; the signing of the order making registration of trade names compulsory for the improvement of the business climate and fight against unfair competition ; the support to 20 Cameroonian inventors for the obtaining of a subsidy with regard to the registration of their patents to the AIPO; the establishment of 2 Support Centres of Technology and Innovation in the Universities of Douala and Maroua; the development of the implementation project of an agribusiness techno- pole in the area of Nachtigal.Finally, one should point out that the Ministry has a clear vision on mining, which envisages a mining sector that distinguishes between projects in the short, medium and long term; participates in the entire value chains; enables to create infra- structure; is respectful of sustainable development and the environment; is an instrument of growth and job creation; brings together the State, pri- vate sector, civil society and local communities; promotes gender equality and contributes to capacity-building; a mining sector that promotes governance to mitigate the “curse of mineral resources” paradigm (EITI, KIMBERLEY Process); a mining sector that is continually improving the knowledge of the soil and subsoil nThe Minister of Mines, Industry and Technological Development visiting an oil factoryLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN

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