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September 26, 2015. This led to a production improvement for the dams in Song-Loulou and Edéa, on Sanaga River, of at least 40 MW and, at most 70MW during the low-water levels in 2016. As for the hydroelectric deve- lopment of a 211-megawatt capacity, associated with a power line of 225 kv at Memve'ele on the Ntem River and the hydroelectric plant of 15 mega- watts at Mekin, Dja River and the achievement of an outgoing power line of 110 kv, their work is near completion.Among the projects expected to be launched, the construction of a hydroelec- tric development of 420 megawatts at Upstream-Nachtigal site, Sanaga River, combined with a dual power line circuit of 225 kilovolts to convey the energy produced on the national grid is high among the priorities. A fundraising, on the other hand, is underway to rehabilitate the Lagdo dam, with the view of moving the 72-MW capacity to about 90 MW. Besides, preliminary studies are going on for the construction of a hydroelectric development of 72 MW on the Menchum River, a hydroelectric dam in Song-Dang (280 MW) on the Sanaga River and Makay hydroelectric complex in the Nyong-and-Kelle with a capacity of 400 MW. Once these projects would have been achieved, Cameroon will be in a position to meet the needs in energy for its industriali- zation programme and to supply the neighbouring countries, as well.Regarding communication infrastructure development, we should be remin- ded that the Deep Water Port in Kribi, the foundation stone of which was laid October 8, 2011 by the Head of State, is ready to welcome the ships. It will be connected to the road network through the Edea/Kribi Motorway. The seaside town will become in the coming years, a great opening to the Gulf of Guinea for Cameroon, but also for Chad, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo.The Douala International Airport was also has received a new lease of life. Many road projects, railway lines, telecommunications and fiber optic links are underway or about to enter the process. They will permit not only to facilitate trade but also to favour the opening up of some regions. The government is get- ting down to the task for the country to get into the era of digital economy.In agriculture, the actions underway or planned should be intensified not only to ensure national food security, but also to increase exports and reduce imports. This presupposes the implementation of modern means as prescribed by the Head of State when he touched on “the second genera- tion of agriculture” at the Ebolowa Agricultural Show.These key projects coupled with “agricultural revolution” will favour the economic recovery and speed up of the growth, and thereby generate employment for many. Moreover, they will contribute to maintaining our country on the track of emergence.LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN15

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