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PO Box. 4110 Yaounde Tel. (237) 222 22 24 30 Fax. (237) 222 22 24 31E-mail : irgm@iccnet.cmINDUSTRY150LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNGEOLOGICAL AND MINING RESEARCH INSTITUTE – IRGMCreated in 1979, the Geological and Mining Research Institute (IRGM) is a public administrative body. It is consecrated both to basic and applied research...SCIENCE AND DEVELOPMENTThe IRGM is meant to be a development tool for Cameroon. Its various missions with regard to basic research focus on the conception, develop- ment and execution of research programmes on geology and mines, hydrology and energy for development. Its research activities aim at impro- ving and modernizing the levels of knowledge on water, soil, subsoil and energy conversion tech- niques so as to provide the operators with new investment opportunities and indispensable methodological bases for the transfer and inte- gration of technologies, in the Cameroon specific environmental conditions.This better knowledge of resources allows their rational management and economic valorisa- tion. Besides natural resources, the IRGM does research on natural risks like volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and toxic fumes into a number of lakes in Cameroon.As to applied research, the Institute is responsi- ble to develop an upscale national expertise capable of mastering, integrating and applying the ultramodern scientific and technological knowledge to the needs of the domestic eco- nomy. This objective is especially carried out within the framework of a partnership, which is meant to be true and effective between Research and economic operators.MANY AREAS OF RESEARCHThe IRGM puts a lot into various areas of research, including geology, hydrology, energy, etc. It’s worth mentioning that they dedicate an operational structure to research on earth science for geology and mining, that is the Geological and Mining Research Centre (GMRC).Basically, the GMRC has to acquire and restore geological data and knowledge in the form of thematic maps.Its main objectives: designing, carrying out and coordinating research programmes in the fields of geology and mineral resources in order to highlight mineral showings and deposits; unders- tanding geological phenomena; making availa- ble the necessary data and documents for the management of natural resources, prevention of natural risks and spatial planning.GEOLOGY AND GEOPHYSICSGeological and mining research whose back- ground paper is the geological map, allows highlighting or discovering the main showings and mineral substances deposits. In addition to mineral resources, it equally allows specifying risk areas, managing the environment, helping for spatial planning and promoting tourism. It is therefore a true development tool. Research projects are initiated in coherence with theIRGM’s head office in Yaoundé

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