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152DRINKING WATERP.O Box 524 - DoualaTel. : (237) 233 42 96 84 Fax. : (237) 233 42 72 70www.camwater.cmLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNCAMWATERAlphonse Roger Ondoa Akoa, CEO of CAMWATER, talking about the pro- jects under construction in the urban and suburban water sector in Cameroon.Significant advances in the drinking water sector throughout the national territory ...Sir, we wish to know what is currently achieved in terms of infrastructure and works necessary to the harnessing, pro- duction, conveyance, storage and distri- bution of drinking water in Camwater.As part of the Urban and Suburban Hydraulics Sector Infrastructure Improvement Programme, on highest ins- tructions by the Head of State, His Excellency Paul Biya, CAMWATER laun- ched, thanks to the ongoing projects execu- tion, works for the construction, rehabilita- tion and strengthening of production struc- tures, storage, transport and distribution of drinking water throughout the perimeter of the concession. For example, the case inYaoundé where the Mefou station Minkoa Meyos is put into service and already provides 50 000 m3 of water a day, or the start of construction of the 3rd phase of a project to improve water supply in Yaoundé.Jointly funded by the French Development Agency (AFD) and the Government of Cameroon, the works include the rehabili- tation and strengthening of 60 km of gray cast iron pipes and works in a line in the central core of the city; the strengthening of primary and secondary networks; the den- sification of the 300-km distribution net- work; the construction of pumping stations at Nkolondom, Emana-Buea and Tsinga and rehabilitation of drinking water reser- voirs at Mbankolo, Etoa Meki and Ngoa Ekele. After 22 months for the duration of works, the people in Yaoundé will enjoy a clear improvement in drinking water supply.As for the city of Douala, we have had the delivery, since August 3, 2016, of 11 industrial bore holes throughout the city. The bore holes together produce 50 000 m3/day. This additional supply is already injected into the distribution network and adds to the volume of water produced by Yato I and II for which the construction of a hose bridge was needed over the Wouri. Finally, I would add the ongoing construc- tion of 50 water tanks in neighborhoods on the periphery of the drinking water distribu- tion network in Douala.In a nutshell, one should point out that as to these two cities, the production capacity will shortly reach 185,000 m3/d in Yaoundé, and about 225,000m3 in Douala.Section I (Kribi, Sangmélima, Bamenda and Bafoussam) of the 9-city project is being car- ried out satisfactorily. The implementation rate is 65% and the completion of work is scheduled for the month of July 2017.Regarding the drinking water supply project in semi-urban area co-financed by the African Development Bank and the State of Cameroon, the provisional delivery of the Share I (KUMBA, MAMFE, NKONG- SAMBA, LOUM, MBANGA) was done in May 2016. Work on the shares 2, 3 and 4 have been going on actively during 2016 in

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