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Trunk Road N° 3The Yaoundé –Douala –Limbé –IdenauIt is a 397-km entirely asphalted road with an unusual sight when it opens onto the sea. From Limbé city up to Idenau, the road makes its way with on one side, the Atlantic Ocean’s waves and on the other, Mount Cameroon. Nature endowed the route with so many assets that tra- vellers there but wish not to see their trip end.Trunk Road N° 4Obala- BafoussamEntirely asphalted, the road 257 km long links up the Northwest of Yaoundé to the West Region’s capital town. A striking contrast between the dense and compact vegetation departing from Yaoundé and the immense herbaceous plain of the Mbam area and ends some 150 km further with the West mountain chains. After you had read on Cameroon’s geographical diversity, well, your expectations are certainly met.Trunk Road N° 5Bekoko- Nkam bridge-Bafang-BandjounWith its 247 km entirely asphalted road, the main road is of great economic interest to Cameroon. It takes over the Trunk Road N° 3 at the level of Bekoko and runs into Bandjoun. The Mungo Division is the area of large banana plan- tations. After Kekem, the road goes through a steep and mountainous relief. Having come to the Batié pass, the traveller is reminded that life is hung by a thread; for at this specific location, we are at more than 1800 metres altitude.Cameroon’s urban and interurban road network is nearly 60,000 kmTrunk Road N° 6The Trans African-Ekok-Mamfé-Bamenda-Mbouda-Foumban- Banyo-Tibati-MeigangaWith its 967 km entirely asphalted road, the main road is one of the most complex and sna- ked trunk roads of Cameroon. The N° 6 crosses Cameroon transversally. To better describe it, it would be easier to start from the border localities of Nigeria, Efu and Ekok in the South-West. From there the Trunk Road N0 6 crosses in turn Mamfé- Bachuo-Akagbé-Batibo-Bamenda-Mbouda and runs into Foumban. Hence it comes towards the Adamawa, goes round the Tikar plain through Nyamboya and, finally runs into Banyo.From Banyo, it crosses Tibati, the water tower city and ends at Meidougou near Meiganga wherefrom the trunk road N° 1 takes over. The trunk Road N°6 is known to be the Trans African but much effort is still needed to fully asphalt it and particularly its seg- ments from Foumban to Tibati and Ekok to Bamenda. (only the segments: Bamenda -Batibo and Batchuo -Akagbe -Mamfé are asphalted).Trunk Road N° 7Limbé-Southern border –Kribi-CampoOut of 186 km, only 73 km of the trunk road Nationale 7 are yet to be asphalted. The main road remains the only viable one leading to the seaside resort of Kribi. Apart from poorly managed shores, travellers are usually attracted by a quite unique phe- nomenon: The Lobe River Mouth. From its impressive falls, the Lobe River runs directly into the sea. Yet, we are far from having exhausted the marvels in this area. At the other end, the Campo natural reserve has kept intact its rich fauna and flora.LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN159

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