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162LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNAfter a few years of experimentation and edu- cation, road weighing has moved to repressive stage. Equipping weighing stations with effi- cient working material earned the operation much credit resulting in a considerable reduc- tion of overweighed vehicles. The current objective is to reduce to zero the percentage of overweighing.Load control is done using a mobile axle wei- ghing, a low-speed weighing equipment that can weigh a moving vehicle (10-15 km/hour).Generally, 400 to 800 vehicles are weighed per day on the Yaoundé-Douala main road, what brought the interministerial committee in charge of road weighing operations to lay special emphasis on maintenance of equipment.Authorized weighs in Cameroon are described as follows:RAIN GATESn Total laden weightn Simple axlen Two axles in tandem n Three axles in tandem50 tons 13 tons 21 tons 27 tonsWhile asphalted roads in Cameroon deeply suf- fer from overweighing, the non-compliance with rain gates is the factor that most negatively impacts on dirt roads. The regulation in force pro- vides for severe sanctions against trespassers who drive vehicles of more than 3.5 tons or 12- seat vehicles to cross rain gates after rains.The same regulations forbid traffic 2 to 4 hours after rain for vehicles falling under the category referred to above. Amount of fine is CFA 250,000 francs (500 US $), to which is added withdrawal of a driver’s licence for one year.For the future, extension of deterrence and punitive measures are provided against all infringements that may be a serious threat to the national road heritage.ROAD CONSTRUCTION AND MAINTENANCEAfter independence the national roads infrastruc- ture policy laid emphasis on new investments. Great asphalted roads and large-scale enginee- ring structures created during the period are a result of the said policy. The extension of the national road network and the difficulty to main- tain it led the State to reconsider the Cameroon road policy. Missions of the Ministry of Public Works have been redefined.Transporters who fail to comply with these weighs are exposed to a fine worth CFA 50,000 francs (110 US $) by overweighed ton.Mobile axles weighing are used for load control

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