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163A far-reaching construction and maintenance programme is in progress on the national road networkThe objective was not to confide her additional tasks but rather to bring the ministerial department to take into account the aggregate of factors that contribute to safeguarding the road.To date, the Ministry of Public Works is responsi- ble for road heritage protection, design, imple- mentation and supervision of all public works in Cameroon.They work in crafting the technical standards rela- ted thereto, carry out all necessary studies for the adaptation to the local ecosystem of these infra- structures in connection with the ministry in charge of Scientific Research, teaching institu- tions or all other competent organs.The Ministry of Public Works in addition, brings its support for the construction and maintenance of road networks of town councils of less than 100,000 inhabitants. It contributes to the profes- sional training of the personnel of Public Works and ensures the supervision of the National civil engineering laboratory (LABOGENIE), of the National Civil Engineering Equipment Pool and the National Advanced School of Public Works.The Road Fund is henceforth in charge of the key task of supervising road network maintenance. As a public administrative institution placed under supervision by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Fund created in 1998 has as mis- sion to collect funds from backers, to challenge the non-compliance of contracts signed with com- panies, to ensure the effectiveness of works and speedy payment.In three years, the fund carried out a significant work as regards to the maintenance of priority interurban network and urban roadways. We should mention that in Yaoundé, the upgrading of roads has already been pushed very far whereas in Douala, great works are being envisaged.RAILWAY TRANSPORTINTRODUCTIONThe National Railway Master Plan, which makes the activity a priority in attaining development objectives, in particular the one consisting in making Cameroon an emerging country by 2035, occupies a prominent place in govern- ment’s schedule.With an amount estimated at 15,000 billion CFAF, the national rail plan that is the subject of special attention of the ministries of Transport, Economy, and Planning and Regional Development provides in the short-term, for the construction of an efficient railway network in accordance with international standards. It is meant to intensify swap within the national triangle and neighbouring countries as well.IMPROVING PASSENGERS TRAFFICIn 2014 and in comparison to 2013, the rail- way transport recorded on its turnover a drop by 5.6% due to a decline in freight. On the other hand, passenger traffic has increased by 7.4% as a result of the launch of the Intercity train which links up Douala and Yaounde, the biggest cities in the country within 3 hours. In the first half 2015 and year on year, turnover declined by 1.7% showing a 9.1% freight fall cushioned by an increase by 17.3% of passengers traffic.PERIODWORDINGPassengers traffic (journey/km)Freights (ton/km)Turnover (in millions)2013(1)481108858 5041ST HALF 20141ST HALF ESTIMATIONSVARIATIONS (%)(3)(1) (4)(2) (5)(3)7,4 17,3 9,4-8,7 -9,1 10,9-5,6 -1,7 12,6Development of the railway traffic2014(2)22854128 2822014*(3)516,899355 2242015(4)267,549227 7922015**(5)565,61 101,462 186*Total on a year - **Estimates - Source CAMRAILLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN

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