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164LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNTRAIN, AN ECONOMY BOOSTING ELEMENTIt’s part of the current climate, great founding buil- ding sites, some of which have already started, are going to change the basic transport structure in Cameroon. Therefore, one should point out the project in the process of construction of a 602.6- km railway track between the Mbalam mining site and port city of Kribi in the South Region. The project that should cost nearly 3,109 billion CFAF is already quite a long way on its completion. In addition, there’s an alumina and by-products channel of delivery from Alucam factory in Edea.THE RAIWAY NETWORKThe whole railway network in Cameroon is 1,245 km, part of which 1,016 km is main iron. In order to modernize Cameroon railway net- work, it is scheduled by 2040 to construct 1,600 km of railway, which conforms to interna- tional standards; it should link up the North, South, East and West. The network will have a 50-kg rail with 1,435-mm gauge. Another impro- vement includes double-track bridges and tun- nels. Great regions in Cameroon will all be inter- connected to the railway network, which will also link up the country to its neighbours (Chad, CAR, Nigeria...). Average speed of new engines will be 150 to 170 km for passenger trains, and 70 to 90 km for freight trains. The railway of the future revealed in the National Railway Master Plan will also offset the present limitations of the existing network. Constraints of using a single- track line will be quickly forgotten.The central railway station in NgaoundereThe implementation of these new methods will surely contribute towards making the railway transport a powerful lever of Cameroon economy.The whole railway network of Cameroon is 1,016 km

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