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Ngaoundere-N’djamena link in the pipelineIn the next years, movements of goods and people between Cameroon and Chad will be done by train. The project for an extension of the Cameroonian railway from Ngaoundere to N’djamena, the Chad capital, took a step forward in June 2014 with the signing of the agreement creating the Cameroon/Chad Railway Committee. Documents were signed by Cameroonian Minister of Transport, Robert Nkili and Chad Minister of Infrastructures, Transport and Civil Aviation, Adoum Younousmi.The agreement is the materialization of instruc- tions given by both the Presidents Paul Biya of Cameroon and Idriss Deby Itno from Chad on 22 and 23 May 2014 in Yaoundé during a wor- king visit the latter was carrying out on his coun- terpart’s invitation.Before construction work would take off on 31 December 2016 as scheduled by the committee, feasibility studies should be done beforehand to determine the costs and final layout of the railway between the two cities. “The African Development Bank (ADB) and the Central African Development Bank (BDEAC) have already posi- tion themselves to fund construction works”.AIR TRANSPORTThe Cameroonian government’s ambition since 2010 has been to place civil aviation among the models in Africa. In this walk towards excellence, some actions were carried out tar- geting institutional, infrastructural parts, not to mention the chapter of democratization of air transport.Regarding the legislation today, Cameroon civil aviation has a new appearance with an up-to- date regulatory framework following promulga- tion of Law N0 2013/010 on 24 June 2013 on civil aviation regulations in Cameroon.The text gradually secures the country to most of the standards and practices recommended by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).In 2014, the phasing of Cameroon’s regulations with the requirements of the world aeronautic community continued through the elaboration of enforcement texts on civil aviation. The adoption of the regulatory framework for service manage- ment helps to restart indoor air transport.Concerning the security of civil aviation, the Douala and Yaoundé-Nsimalen International air- ports saw their air cargo screening measures stepped up for greater safety, while the Garoua and Maroua airports have been equipped with new passengers and hold baggage inspection and screening equipment.The improvement of flight safety in secondary air- ports has been at the heart of the action of the Cameroonian authorities.The level of protection in airports has been streng- thened in Ngaoundere, Bertoua, Bafoussam and Bamenda. Thanks to the installation of a cate- gory II ILS system, operating the aerodrome will no longer suffer from the vagaries of the weather.PASSENGERS TRAFFICIn 2014, the number of travellers increased by 10.4% to come to 1 312 125 for 1 118 034 in 2013. Freight and turnover were up respecti- vely by 10.6% and 12.9%. In the first half 2015 and year on year, the total number of passengers carried, freight and turnover increase respectively by 3.3%, 16.3% and 9.5%. These rises are lin- ked to the modernization of infrastructures, impro- vement of reception facilities and airlines custo- mer service through the regularity of flights, and the opening of new stops.At end-2015, forecasts in the sub-sector counted on respective increase by 4.6%, 8.8% and 10.9% of passengers traffic, freight and turnover.PERIODWORDINGPassangers (number)- Arrival- DepartureLugage and freight (tons)- Arrival- DepartureTurnover (millions)2013(1)1 188 034579 714 608 32022 60210 290 12 31220 853Development of air traffic1ST Half-year20141ST Half-yearESTIMATIONSVARIATIONS (%)(3)(1) (4)(2) (5)(3)10,4 3,3 4,611,2 4,9 6,2 9,7 1,8 3,110,6 16,3 8,819,2 19,1 5,2 3,4 13,8 12,312,9 9,5 10,92014(2)641 668305 023 336 64511 9845 578 6 40610 0912014*(3)1 312 126644 795 667 33124 99412 265 12 72923 5522015(4)662 865320 106 342 75913 9336 645 7 28811 0472015**(5)1 373 033684 895 688 13827 19512 901 14 29426 121*Total of the year - **Estimates – Source:ADCLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN165

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