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168TRANSPORTSP.O Box 13615 YAOUNDÉ Tel. (237) 222 236 602 Fax. (237) 222 345 520www.adcsa.aeroLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNAIRPORTS OF CAMEROON – ADCCreated in February 1994, the Company Airports of Cameroon (ADC Ltd) has for main mission the running, maintenance, renewal, rehabilitation and development of the seven airport concessions ...The roles assigned to the ADCs by the State of Cameroon through the Concession Agreement renewed October 27, 2015 include: develo- ping traffic and airport services; operating the facilities and providing airport assistance ser- vices; investing, renovating and maintaining the airport facilities; managing the airport sector.To fulfill these missions, the company has a five- year strategic investment plan whose main lines are the following: modernization of infrastruc- tures and equipment; improvement of airports’ economic and financial performance; imple- mentation of a sustainable development policy; enhancement of service quality at international standards levels; promotion of corporate ethics and improvement of internal management.Carried by the strategic investment plan, ADC Ltd conducted in recent years a structured invest- ment policy, which resulted in the achievement of several projects to offer airlines and users the must in quality service.In the number, we have: the since 2010 reha- bilitation process of airport infrastructures; the auscultation of the runways, especially those of the international airports in Douala and Garoua that led to the complete rehabilitation of runway 12/30 of Douala airport and, the renewal of the roof of Garoua; the renewal of the air condi- tioning system at the international airport Nsimalen; the complete renovation of the pri- vate lounges of Nsimalen and Douala; the reha- bilitation of the roofing system of Maroua Salak Airport.DOUALA, A GOOD EXAMPLEThe modernization of the Douala International Airport is a beautiful illustration of the authorities’willingness to raise Cameroonian infrastructures at international standards’ level. The largest gateway to the country in terms of air traffic, the Douala International Airport occupies a special place in the Cameroonian airport scene. Its volume of activity, the diversity of users and loca- tion make it a particular airport. Hence the attention paid to it.We should be reminded that it is in 2011 that the state of runways on the platform became a concern. For a lasting solution to that problem, ADC Ltd had to sign a contract with a company called Rincent BTP to carry out auscultation stu- dies, which quickly led to envisage rehabilita- tion work.During 21 days of its total closure due to works, flights towards the platform were reoriented to the International Airport Nsimalen. For three weeks, nights and days, the group of compa- nies selected alongside ADC Ltd worked to res- tore the coastal airport’s aura of former days, with the contribution of Lyon airport in France, Qualys quality office, responsible for ensuring the quality of the work.Apart from making the runway safer for takeoff and landing operations, other areas, in particu- lar, the improvement of user comfort equally benefited from refurbishing work.At the end of the said work successfully carried out, Douala now has a new airstrip 2850m long, complying with the security conditions required by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).The Douala International Airport built on an area of 1218 hectares, recovered its vitality in safety and comfort conditions equal to a big city n

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