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Ministry of TransportThe Ministry of Transport is responsible for the working-out, implementation and monitoring of the national transport policy. The sector whose impact is felt in many others, is of the utmost importance in Cameroon’s walk towards emergence...A THREE-PROGRAMME MISSIONSince the introduction of the Programme Budget in the management of public funds, the Ministry of Transport carries out its institutional missions through three programmes, two of which are operational, and the third one, a support pro- gramme. They include: “Development and reha- bilitation of transport infrastructures”; “Improvement of the safety and security system in the different modes of transport and meteoro- logy”; “Governance and institutional support in the sub-sector of Transport”.In recent years, the Ministry of Transport has been getting down to fulfill its objectives, inclu- ding in particular meeting the concerns expres- sed, as from 2014, by MPs. Concerns about the renovation of airports in Cameroon and mainte- nance of the premises to this effect, besides taking effective measures for better yield of air transport in Cameroon. An appropriate response has been given in the roadmap of the Ministry for the recent year 2015, through four actions rela- ted to the modernization of the meteorological park and road safety on the one hand; and seven actions to solve congestion problems at the port of Douala and ensure the preparation of the 2016 and 2019 African Nations Cups on the other.To illustrate the commitment of the Ministry of Transport in the new impetus that drives Cameroon in recent years, we should mention here some key actions:• Rehabilitation of aircraft parking in the Douala Airport;• Commissioning of 500 (five hundred) new trucks in the Douala Airport and 500 others for the Nsimalen Airport;• Validation of a standalone programme dedica- ted to meteorology when the Minister of Transport came to the Inter-Ministerial Committee for Programmes Review (CIEP).INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENTMore specifically, many actions were carried out by the Ministry of Transport during the fiscal year 2015 within the scope of the above-mentioned programmes. Therefore, for the Development and rehabilitation of transport infrastructures, one should point out the establishment of a meteoro- logy course at the National Advanced School Polytechnic of the University of Yaounde I. A 200- million FCFA grant was awarded to the school for effective start-up of the training.On another level, the Autonomous Port of Douala (PAD) and the Cameroon Shippers National Council (CNCC) have worked to improve the quality of transport infrastructures through, among others: the construction of a new road in the port area and the rehabilitation of the UDEAC secondary road regar- ding the actions taken by the PAD. > > >Implementation of CAMAIR-Co’s stimulus packageLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN169

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