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170LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNThe CNCC on the other hand assured the finan- cing of the construction of the first Life Centre of carriers in Kribi and the achievement of develop- ment, architectural and technical studies, for the construction of a logistics base in Kousseri.Other achievements in the transport sector include: The rehabilitation of the runway of the international airport of Douala by ADC; the remo- val of deficiencies identified by the Institute for the Improvement of Aviation Safety (IASA), relative to CAMAIR-Co’s operating; the purchase of nine (9) new locomotives by CAMRAIL; the purchase of five (5) railcars modules and four (4) new travel- lers locomotives; the continuation of alternative work on the railway section between Batchenga and Ka'a, 78 km out of 175 km of renewed track at 31 August 2015; the start of work for renewal of the railway section of Pangar- Ngaoundere.Besides, to improve services and means of trans- port, resources from the Ministry of Transport hel- ped to make audits: on the compliance of driving schools, enabling to note that only 40% of driving schools were in line with the criteria issued by the Ministry of Transport; travel agencies, where com- pliance rates are lower (11 out of 155 travel agencies were found to be consistent).The construction of a new road in the port area of DoualaSAFETY AND SECURITYIn its concern to improve the safety and security system of the different methods of operating and meteorology, other developments in 2015 are noteworthy. Among others, the construction in the port area of the security fence as required by ISPS code (International Ship and Port Facility Security); the certification and accreditation of security officers; the development of an operatio- nal documentation and regulations; the purchase of inspection equipment for screening at the air- ports of Maroua Salak, Garoua, Ngaoundere and Bafoussam; the rehabilitation of the by-pass road of Bafoussam airport, and the construction of a security fence.The Ministry of Transport has also purchased five obstacle-removing cranes in order to reduce road accidents, and has also, on very high instructions by the Head of State, started rehabilitation actions of the national meteorology system.PROSPECTSIn 2016, the Ministry of Transport has a thick roadmap; its strategic main lines stem from the Growth and Employment Strategy Paper, and the 2035 Vision of the Head of State. Actions planned for the year include among others: the restructuring process of CAMAIR-Co and

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