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171Restoration of the Douala-Kumba railway sectionupgrading to ICAO’s standards of Douala and Yaounde airports for their certification; the conti- nued decongestion of the port of Douala, and rehabilitation of Bota and Tiko ports; the organi- zation of national road transport of goods through the restructuring process of CAMTAINER, and the creation of an urban mass transport system.Other actions were also planned including: the continuation of the rehabilitation of Yaounde and Douala airports (roads and terminals); short-term goals being to make the airport of Douala a hub for Central Africa, and raise both platforms to the international standards; the continued renovation of secondary airports (Bamenda, Bafoussam, Bertoua, Ngaoundere ...); the consolidation and implementation of CAMAIR-Co’s stimulus package.In the maritime and port sub-sector, it will concern, as regards the Petroleum Yard of Limbe, the hydraulic fill and finalization of technical studies on the equipping of the main workshop on ADB financing; the construction of a Life Centre at the east entrance of the city of Douala by the CNCC.Concerning the rail, the following actions should be taken: the finalization of feasibility studies for the extension of the railway Cameroonian from Ngaoundere to N'Djamena; the continuing work renewal of the Pangar-Ngaoundere railway sec- tion; the start of work for the restoration of the rail- ways linking Douala and Kumba after the people occupying the railway path would have been evicted. And with regard to road sector, empha- sis will be laid on implementing practical mea- sures for the reorganization of urban mass transit in connection with the regional and local autho- rities. This will include conducting studies on the development of a policy of urban transport in Cameroon, and the organization and stabiliza- tion of biking-taxis business nA constantly improving road networkLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN

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