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Louis Paul MOTAZECameroon can now embrace a new future with the adoption in 2009 of a strategic vision to become an emerging country by 2035. To do this, a Growth and Employment Strategy Paper was set up as a framework for government’s activities. The industrial-port complex in Kribi (CIPK) reflects this ambition of building conditions for economic take- off in Cameroon and shared prosperity for all its daughters and sons.It consists of four integrated components which are: the deep water port of Kribi (PEPK), logistic and industrial zones, the multimodal corridor and a new city. The whole will enhance the use of endogenous resources through the industrializa- tion programme implemented by the Government of Cameroon and will therefore guarantee certain interest from investors for various business opportunities through public-private partnership contracts (PPP). The port in the other hand, opens Cameroon to external markets through major ship- ping lines deployed in the 5 continents, besides a domestic market including ECCAS and Nigeria.Chairman of the Steering CommitteePatrice Barthélemy MELONCoordinatorClaude Magloire HAND BAHIOLAssistant Coordinator

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