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7 REASONSA modern deep water portTO INVEST IN THE CIPKIt opens Cameroon and the neighbouring countries to the Eastern side of the Atlantic Ocean in the Gulf of Guinea around the geographical point of longitude 02° 43’N and latitude 09° 50'E. with its water features, PEPK is accessible year round. It has huge natural assets, infrastructures and superstructures that allow high productivity of handling movements for commercial vessels with deep drafts.An enviable geographical positioningThe CIPK covers an area of 26,000 Ha along- side the Cameroon coastline over 20 km. It is located in southern Cameroon, precisely 35 km away from the seaside town of Kribi in the locality of Lobalé. It is connected to the national transportation system by a multimodal communications beam that connects to a hinterland consisting of all Central African countries and Nigeria.An incentive economic frameworkA guaranteed and reliable energy supplyMeasures such as customs, tax, financial and administrative facilities, specific to each area are provided by the provisions of laws establishing incentives for private investment in the Republic of Cameroon on the one hand, and the laws on public-private partnerships on the other.The assurance for access to clean energy from the gas-fired power plant at Kribi, expan- dable 216mw initial power up to 350 mw and hydro-electric dam in Memve'ele still at mid-achievement of the project, 210 mw power with a generation capability of 1140GWh/year. Located in the South Region, both of them would help strengthen the Complex energy supply at lower cost.A remarkable environment which contri- butes to the quality of lifeA skilled and competent workforceBuilt according to global canons, the PEPK is also an ecological port that respects the environ- ment, which earned her the issuance of an envi- ronmental compliance certificate. Kribi therefore keeps its tourist aspect and its capability to offer all services and conveniences that are to expect investors in terms of accommodation, catering, support security as well.Cameroon's human resources are young, a guarantee for good business productivity. It is a skilled workforce trained by local and foreign academic institutions in various trades (logistics, business techniques, professional techniques, computer technology, specialized workers, etc.).A variety of business opportunitiesThe various investments in the CIPK ensue from the need to build various components such as: the development of the industrial area, construc- tion of a new city, multimodal corridor, water and energy, telecommunications, port infrastructures.

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