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176LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNREVIEW OFTELECOMMUNICATIONS AND ICT SERVICESINCREASE INTHE NUMBER OF TELECOMS SUBSCRIBERSThe number of subscribers to telecommunications services is as follows:• Penetration rate of mobile telephony service: 85.69%.• Penetration rate of the internet service: around 20%.• Coverage of the population by mobile net- works is 80%.• Existence of a nationwide broadband infra- structure.A MORE THAN 10,000-KM FIBRE LINEAR LENGTHThe national broadband optical fibre backbone, with a linear length of more than 10 000 km covers all Divisions as follows:• Urban optical loops built in the cities of Douala, Yaounde, Maroua and under construc- tion in the towns of Limbe, Buea, Bafoussam, Ebolowa, Bamenda, Bertoua, Ngaoundere;• Interconnection of all ministerial departments by fibre optics;• Construction in progress of two internetexchange points (IXP) in the towns of Yaounde and Douala;• The existence of broadband mobile telephone networks (3G and 4G) since 2014;• Both Data Centres (CAMPOST and MTN), as well as a National Data Centre under construc- tion now have data hosting services.ACTIVATION OF ACE’S LANDING POINTThe construction of the under-sea ACE’s (Africa Coast to Europe: 40 Gb) cable landing point scheduled in Kribi will include other actions like:• A framework of confidence in electronic trans- actions;• The law on cyber security and cybercrime, and application texts;• A 0.41 cybersecurity index on a scale of 1, that is the 5th rank in Africa;• The existence of a functional public key infra- structure (PKI);• The existence of a response centre for functio- nal cyber-related incidents;INCREASE IN THE NUMBER OF TELECOMS SUBSCRIBERSCameroon experiences a clear change in the number of subscribers to telecommunications and ICTs services. Therefore:The population coverage by the mobile telephony networks service is 80%

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