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• Penetration rate of telephony service for the cur- rent year is 85%;• Penetration rate of internet service for the same period is around 20%;• Population coverage rate (private individuals, businesses, public services) by the mobile tele- phony networks service is 80%.POST SERVICE SECTORThe overall vision in this area concerns the den- sity of the network and improvement of national postal coverage for geographical balance of ser- vices; the development of a universal postal ser- vice in order to promote universal access to pos- tal and financial services for all.The third generation of the restructuring process of postal sector led on 23 April 2004, to the creation by presidential decree, of the Cameroon Postal Services (CAMPOST).In July 2005, the dysfunctions observed in the newly born structure pushed the State to specifi- cally establish a provisional administration, which was then given the task to reorganize the business and enable it to play its socio-economic role. In 2006 and in that stride, the State deci- ded to gradually open up the postal market to pri- vate operators through with the law governing the postal business in Cameroon.The CAMPOST’s head office in YaoundeIt is the same trend that establishes the decentra- lization of the regulatory function, by the creation of a postal regulatory agency, wherein the State herself is confined to a supervision and regulation role.Cameroon currently has a network of 234 post offices interconnected by fibre optics or VSAT that provides networking across the national territory. Besides, it has a network of over 200 multipur- pose community telecentres for telecommunica- tions and ICTs service in rural areas. There is, on the other hand, a strong downward trend of telecommunications prices since the market opened to competition.DIGITAL POST IS NOW A REALITYThe e-Post project aims at equipping CAMPOST with a true infrastructure for the modernization of the production tool of the enterprise. The private network dedicated to CAMPOST will intercon- nect about 240 post offices on the national terri- tory. In addition, counter operations will be enti- rely automated, which represents a great oppor- tunity to strengthen electrical services and make more reliable banking transactions. A strong recommendation by the recent Universal Postal Union (UPU) Congress at Doha.The new environment and available cutting edge equipment will allow CAMPOST to have a modern postal network, and especially efficient services offered to customers.LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN177

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