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178P.O. Box : 87 - YAOUNDÉ P.O. Box : 990 - DoualaTél. : (237) 666 000 ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNVIETTEL CAMEROON LTDViettel Cameroon Ltd known commercially as “nexttel” is the third mobile telephone company under Cameroonian law. Yaoundé hosts its head office and the executive management is in Douala...Viettel Cameroon Ltd, the third mobile telephone company in Cameroon, is made up of VIETTEL GLOBAL (a Vietnamese mobile telephone com- pany) and BEST INVEST CAMEROON (Bestcam). They launched commercial activity with the 3G technology on 12 September 2014.OUR GOALS• Supplying post and telecommunication services and value-added services including:n Mobile phone services; n International phone calls; n The Internet;n Media services;• Supplying other services and equipment related to post and telecommunicationsn Phones, internet keys and modems;n Marketing service;n Customer training;n Supply of repairs, maintenance and after- sale services, etc.MISSIONSVIETTEL CAMEROON Ltd, a pioneer in technolo- gical innovation, is commissioned to make avai- lable products and services of the latest genera- tion which are appropriate to the needs of all Cameroonians of all social strata.THE VALUESThe innovation and the accessibility are the fun- damental values of our company.THE MANAGING TEAMVIETTEL CAMEROON Ltd has a general assem- bly, a Board of Directors of seven (07) members and an Executive Management; the latter has a General Manager, four (04) Deputies, each of which in a specific area.HUMAN RESOURCESVIETTEL CAMEROON Ltd has a payroll of about 1,200, all of them young dynamic Cameroonians plus more than 7,000 others on indirect employment.INFRASTRUCTURE AND NETWORKVIETTEL CAMEROON Ltd (nexttel) is equipped with the latest generation facilities appropriate to the 2G, 3G and 4G technologies. VIETTEL CAMEROON Ltd (nexttel), with its 1,200 BTS already set up throughout the entire territory, can boast about a coverage of more than 85% of the national network.AN EFFECTIVE DISTRIBUTION CIRCUITVIETTEL CAMEROON Ltd (nexttel) has about:n 25 Agencies across the 10 regions in Cameroon;n 56 business districts;n Dealers and thousandsof call-box owners to ensure distribution of products over the national territory;n Sale staff is made upof more than 3,015 young people for products marketing n

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