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Center”, which will be the centre for the super- vision of the undersea cables network of Kribi. In addition, 32 Tbit/s capacity on the route should be implemented, with 100 GB of origi- nal resource between Cameroon and Brazil. Finally, it is naturally intended to ensure the ope- ration and maintenance of the CBCS.WARRANTED SOVEREIGNTY DIGITALWe should mention that the cable is the first direct connection between the African and American continents. Cameroon’s choice in hosting the infra- structure partakes of its ambition to become the hub in the sub-region in the field of broadband ser- vices, while ensuring its own digital sovereignty. CBCS appears therefore as the fourth undersea cable system in Cameroon after SAT3, WACS and NCSCS (Cameroon-Nigeria) of which CAM- TEL provides management and operation.Beyond the diplomatic fallout, marked in particu- lar by the consolidation of cooperation with the Brazilian giant, a member of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), Cameroonian authorities intend to harness the project in order to speed up the decline of Internet network connection costs and access to other electronic communications networks.It will also be necessary to promote the creation of spin-off jobs through cost reduction by facilita- ting the introduction of new service providers of high-speed networks (teleworking, e-commerce ...) and electronic communications solutions. Theaim ultimately is to strengthen the implementation of a real digital economy in Cameroon.QUALITY PRODUCTSBOX FIBRE FOR THE MANYAccording to a generic marketing term, a box is a type of case used as a network termination equipment that an Internet service provider makes available for its broadband subscribers to enable them to benefit from triple play, that is to say a package of additional services to Internet (IP tele- phony and IP TV in HD more often).The role of this electronic case is to combine and de-combine incoming and outgoing data so that they can be exploited by the different telephone, IT, or TV equipment.At CAMTEL, the Fibre Box is deployed for several years now, as part of a revolutionary project that allowed households and SMEs to share with them the magic of fibre optics. Fiber Optics that indeed was long considered exclusive to opera- tors and other companies, is now accessible to all thanks to FTTx technology (fibre to the “x”) deployed by CAMTEL; “X” set for the place where the fibre will be laid.ULTRA BROADBAND INTERNETWithin a context of emergence process where the company will, in any way, adapt to consumer needs that evolve over time, and where globaliza- tion leads to new trade models that require > > >Le siège de Camtel à YaoundéLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN181

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