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182the development of an appropriate infrastructure, CAMTEL, which is always at the forefront of the struggle for modernity and growth in Cameroon, has designed the adequate “offer”. MBOA BOX is thus an “all in one” product which among others, acts as a router modem (often WI FI), for an ultra-broadband Internet access... Welcome to “the infinitely possible “!SMART TELEVISION ...IPTV or Internet Protocol Television is a form of television broadcast on a network using the Internet Protocol.The term IPTV puts together the live TV, video on demand or VoD, play Game on Demand, GoD or Cloud Gaming and catch-up TV. Communication methods are various. Live televi- sion uses a multicast IP solution, which enables to send pieces of information once for many peo- ple. VoD and catch-up TV use a unicast IP solu- tion (a single destination for all these flows). IPTV uses the same infrastructure as Internet access, but with a reserved bandwidth. Good to know: Cameroon Telecommunications has deployed IPTV in private communities, hotel complexes, hospitals, SMEs, households ... with a package of 45 channels. A package that will highly increase in the very near future.There are many advantages either we are on IPTV or VoD, namely: to pause an ongoing pro- gramme, come back to a passed programme, record a future programme. Another advantage: having films available, documentaries, series offered in a library or making a “playlist” of favorite programmes. Things go faster with the fibre optics. Internet browsing is fluid and com- fortable, the fastest downloads, sending almost instantaneously large files, High Definition of pic- tures: a guarantee.TELEPHONEAbsent during the testing phase and during the first months of the FTTH offer marketing, the phone is now available. Listening comfort and quality of transmissions are impeccable. Surfing the Internet, downloading, watching TV, ringing simultaneously without impairment of the quality of service is the package of MBOA BOX promise!IN THE HEART OF REVOLUTIONARY PROJECTSCameroon Telecommunications is constantly concerned by the prospect of offering their custo- mers innovative solutions through a reliable and secure network. For this reason, the company has developed a set of products and services and, in the same vein, it has developed a number of pro- jects including the NGN or Net Generation.Camtel’s NGN project came to existence in an environment where the use of Internet is now part of everyday life of businesses and households.In the streets, offices, hotels, travel agencies... men and women, young and old each have their head bent over a Smartphone screen, tablet or laptop. With a literacy rate of over 75% and a population increasingly young, - more than 10 million people are between 15 and 34 years - Cameroon has one of the strongest technology adoption rate in the Central African sub-region. However, demand for mobile Internet is still gro- wing. It is therefore faced with this observation that CAMTEL undertook to launch the first public Wi Fi network through its project under the name of Net Generation (NGN).FOR A CONNECTED GENERATION!CAMTEL intends to display its public Wi-Fi solu- tion throughout the national territory. The com- pany primarily targets the urban areas with high concentration (public parks, shopping centres), university campuses, airports and reference hos- pitals; as we spend more time in these places. Besides, public places connectivity could be a major challenge for economic developmentADVANTAGESThe NGN project has enormous advantages for the various institutions it intends to serve, thus:Concerning the universities, students will have an opportunity to connect and access to infinite data bases at any time via free and ultra-broad- band connection; a way to generate many custo- mers and income in a restaurant, a cafeteria or a store; the way to attract each year more students to campus, improve the quality of education and significantly increase the level of research.For the urban councils, CAMTEL’s public WI-FI offer represents an ideal opportunity for servicing and profitability of large public spaces.OUTLOOKCAMTEL has great ambitions for the future. By 2020for instance, it is planned among other things:• 20 fibre optics metropolitan loops networking the major cities of Cameroon.• 35% of mobile subscribers in Cameroon having a Smartphone with a very high rate in towns (about 8 million subscribers).• 80% of mobile Internet users (residing mainly in urban areas) will be connected to the Internet through a Wi-Fi network.Eventually, the Net Generation project will enable widespread access to mobile Internet nLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN

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