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183Regional DevelopmentA PROSPECTIVE VISIONSpatial planning is a tool used by public authori- ties, aimed mainly at implementing spatial plan- ning by correcting natural distortions, or those related to development. This, by the search for judicious distribution and as integrated as possi- ble of men, production activities, infrastructure and equipment throughout the territory.The planning targets rational development of the territory, equitable and integrated development of the regions in order to improve the environ- ment and living conditions of the population.As such, spatial planning falls under the respon- sibilities of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development, which took over from the Ministry of Planning, Development Programming and Spatial Planning. The Ministry is responsible for working out the general guidelines and deve- lopment strategies in the medium and long term, and their monitoring.Therefore, spatial planning is one of the core tasks of planning. The latter is primarily concerned with spatial and physical planning development, together with human planning development.BAKASSI , A STRONG POSITIONLocated in the South-West Region, Ndian Division, the Bakassi Peninsula, an area of mangrove and coves large approximately 665 km2 with 40 000 inhabitants, is rich with fish and oil products and has a large tourist potential. The peninsula has been the source of conflict between Cameroon and Nigeria, which led to the judgment of the International Court of Justice in The Hague on 10 October 2002. It is under this judgment which established the belonging of Bakassi to Cameroon, that Yaoundé is committed to mark its effective presence in the peninsula by considera- ble achievements. Thus since 2010, the govern- ment has mobilized over 13 billion CFA francs for 314 projects on electrification, hydraulics, buil- ding schools’ construction, health centres, roads, administrative buildings , radio and TV coverage.FAR NORTH, THE PRIORITYSince the outbreak of war against the terrorist group Boko Haram, in May 2014, the Far-North Region has been paying the highest price in terms of human casualties, population displace- ment, destruction of property. To offset the heavy losses, the government, among other things had to make the Far-North Region the greatest bene- ficiary of spatial planning projects.LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN

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