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Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional DevelopmentCreated by decree N° 2008/220 on 4 July 2008, the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development is responsible for the development and implementation of the Nation’s economic policy and regional development as well ...INVESTING TO GIVE A BOOST TO GROWTHAfter reaching the completion point of the HIPC ini- tiative in April 2006, Cameroon has taken up the planning policy again. This resulted in the formula- tion in 2009 of a development vision by 2035, with the major objective of “Becoming by 2035 an emerging country, which is united in its diver- sity”. The actions programmed for the decade 2010-2020 are contained in the Growth and Employment Strategy Paper (GESP), which focuses on creating decent jobs and accelerating econo- mic growth to make it stronger and inclusive.In fact since 2010, at the Head of State’s behest, HE Paul Biya, the government has embarked on the implementation of the GESP. The strategic fra- mework that has come to the sixth year of its implementation, has been reinforced by the Three-year Emergency Plan for the Speeding-up of Growth (PLANUT) in order to reinforce the pace of growth. MINEPAT is a central player for the implementation of the GESP and PLANUT, through three key programmes:• Economic promotion which aims at speeding up economic growth so as to take it up to at least 5.9% in 2016. That requires the increase of public investment, modernization of the produc- tion apparatus, human development, and promo- tion of public-private partnerships.• Economic cooperation aims at strengthening the partnership for development and regional integra- tion. This involves improving significantly the disbur- sement rates of the investment resources planned on external funding, and to ensure the harmonization of interventions with emphasis on seeking funding for the second generation of major projects.• Development planning and regional planning aim at making provision for strategies and deve- lopment plans in line with the goals of the GESP. Emphasis is laid on achieving regional planning infrastructure and development of border areas.These missions, both exhilarating and restrictive, galvanize the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development into action.REASONS FOR ACTION2018 will mark the year of the completion of the first phasing for the implementation of a long-term development vision whose strategic declination is the GESP. Its execution which is “on the whole satisfactory” according to the main partners of Cameroon, has enabled in particular, the com- pletion of major projects, which also come to an end next year, and which are called to better structure the economy for the private sector to become the seeds of economic growth.General opinion is that the first half of the decade 2010-2020, distinguished by all kinds of threats, was also disconcerting in terms of economic per- formance achieved by Cameroon; in a barely accommodating national and international envi- ronment and whose immediate consequences were wisely managed enough not to fundamen- tally thwart the objectives of growth and jeopar- dize progress towards economic and social pro- gress. However, the adversity, which is far from fading, and the reason to sometimes inevitably postpone major investments like the iron mining in Mbalam (about 6 billion US dollars, that is more than 3,000 billion F.CFA), will be addressed with more vigour in the coming years. > > >The premises of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional DevelopmentLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN185

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