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ADMINISTRATIONP.O. Box : 6221 - YAOUNDÉTel. (237) 222 22 47 52 Fax. (237) 222 22 47 89www.fondsroutiercameroun.org188LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNTHE ROAD FUNDThe Road Fund is a public administrative body endowed with legal personality and management autonomy; it is a funding mechanism in the service of the State on road policy...VOCATION: GUARANTEEING AND PERPETUA- TING ROAD FUNDINGSet up by the authorities, the Road Fund devotes its resources to specific actions. It therefore, gua- rantees the funding, on the one hand, the natio- nal road assets protection programmes, preven- tion and road safety, and road network mainte- nance programmes. And, on the other hand, rehabilitation and road making operations.The Road Fund fulfils its task through two distinct and independent counters: the “Maintenance” counter and “Investment” counter.As regards the “Maintenance” counter, their resources are only for the payment of services to the business relating to:• Routine and periodic maintenance of priority, urban, inter-urban and rural road network;• Prevention and road safety;• Protection of national road assets.The method of implementation for resources devoted to the urban and rural roads are subject to specific agreements between the decentrali- zed local units and the related authorizing official in charge on behalf of the Road Fund.As for the “Investment counter”, the Road Fund’s resources are used for the payment of services relating to:• Road rehabilitation, which means giving a new lease of life to an old roadway;• Roadway reinforcement, which means rehabi- litating and/or increasing a roadway’s load-bea- ring capacity by adding to it a new base coat and new surface course;• The making, through improving the level of ser- vice of a road or the modernization of a section (accuracy of a route, asphalting of a dirt road);• Elimination of bottlenecks.Projects eligible for the “Investment” counter are subject to specific agreements that clearly indi- cate, among others, the method of funds transfer, the project owner and the exact nature of the work. Work having to do with the construction of a new road is excluded from the scope of the Road Fund’s action.As part of its prerogatives, the Road Fund also funds road or geotectonic design; project mana- ger service and technical, financial and accoun- ting Consultancies service nA vocation to guarantee and perpetuate funding

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