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ADMINISTRATIONP.O Box :1431 - YAOUNDETel. (237) 222 31 84 40 Fax. (237) 222 31 84 E-mail: magzicameroun@yahoo.fr190LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNINDUSTRIAL ZONES DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT AUTHORITYThe Industrial Zones Development and Management Authority (MAGZI) provides investors with safe spaces to set up their businesses at very attractive terms, in its role a State’s strategic tool in their industrialization policy...BUILDING AN INDUSTRIAL FABRICThe Mission Planning and Industrial Zones Management (MAGZI) came to being by Decree N0 71 / DF/95 of 1 March 1971 as a support structure to State’s initiative in implementing its burgeoning industrialization policy; its key task consists in the development and management of industrial zones throughout the national territory and, its Head office in Yaoundé.The goals of the government in creating the MAGZI were the following:• To build the industrial fabric of Cameroon;• To solve pollution and land speculationproblems.MAGZI is therefore a secular arm of the State in the implementation of its industrialization policy. In order to fulfill its mission efficiently, a Concession Agreement signed with the State by the company was approved by a law of the President of the Republic, Decree N0 346/CAB/PR of 2 December 1974.The Agreement, The Concession Agreement, while regulating relationships between the two parties, outlines their reciprocal obligations and sets the MAGZI up as the sole developer and manager, on behalf of the State of Cameroon, of land necessary for the performance of industrial and related activities.MAGZI’s purpose consists in designing and buil- ding industrial zones, a special place for indus- tries and, the role of the strategic enterprise since its inception is to:• Participate in the development of rapid indus- trialization of Cameroon;• Promote harmonious development of all regions by means of coordinated industrial settle- ments policy;• Establish an incentive link to job creation;• Facilitate the setting up of foreign and domes- tic industrial developers by removing uncertainty on lands and their development;• Simplify the relationship between developers and the public services;• Provide help for the organization of urban space;• Contribute to the protection of the environment.Support to the government by MAGZI in the implementation of the national industrialization policy will result in the provision for both the > > >AMr. Christol Georges MANON, Managing Director

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