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191A view of the Douala-Bonaberi, MAGZI industrial areafuture, therefore, new MAGZI industrial areas will emerge in Bamenda-Nkwen, Bertoua (East) and Kribi (South), over a total area of 552 hectares, as follows: Bamenda-Nkwen, 43 hectares; Bertoua (Mandjou, Koumé-Bonis) 225 hectares; Kribi-Bikondo-Bilolo and Ebouyoe, 284 hectares. We should also mention areas in the pipeline: Ebolowa, Maroua, Kribi (Kribi Deepwater Port industrial area): 2 000 hectares.COMPETITIVE ENTERPRISEA partner for investors and a main instrument for the State in its industrial promotion policy, MAGZI offers its potential clients quality services at competitive prices so as to improve the com- petitiveness of enterprises settled in its areas. Rental prices range from 200 CFAF/m2 and 5000 CFAF/m2 per year depending on the nature of activities, level of furnishings and degree of accessibility. For the renting of built-up lands, prices vary between 5000 CFAF/m2 and 10 000 CFAF/m2 per year.Provision is also made, if necessary, for a pre-financing formula of planning work by companies, accompanied with the signature of a pre-financing protocol as well as the possibility of preferential rates.MAGZI can also assist investors in achieving their architectural and technical studies of struc- tures and in preparing their building permit file. Besides, the long lease guarantees investors the full enjoyment of its land and fund-raising operations nMAGZI, THE BEST GUARANTEE FOR YOUR INDUS- TRIAL SETTLEMENTS IN CAMEROONHEAD OFFICEMvan-Echangeur - Yaoundé PO BOX 1431; Tel / Fax: (237) 222 31 84 40BRANCHES AND OFFICESn Yaounde-South Branch (Mvan/Nsam) Tel: (237) 33 01 47 24n Douala-Bassa Branch P.O Box: 937;Tel: (237) 33 37 81 19 Fax: (237) 33 37 81 20n Douala-Bonabéri Branch; Tel/Fax:(237)33394065n Ngaoundere Branch:Tel / Fax: (237) 22 25 10 01n OMBE Office,Tel: (237) 33 33 36 47n Garoua antenna:Phone: Tel (237) 22 27 24 70 Fax: (237) 22 27 33 09domestic and foreign investors, developed and secured land suitable for them to set up their busi- ness in the form of a long lease for a minimum of 25 years that can be extended to 99 years. This management method provides companies, a real legal security conducive to the deployment of their activities.A STEADY GROWTHThe Industrial Zones Development and Management Authority, which is now pegged to the vision of the development of Cameroon as an emerging country by 2035, intends to make a more effective contribution to the establishment of a true Cameroonian industrial fabric. The com- pany is operational in six of the ten Regions of Cameroon including: Adamawa (industrial area of Ngaoundere), Centre (industrial area of Yaoundé-South), the Littoral (industrial area of Douala-Bassa Industrial area of Douala- Bonabéri), North (industrial area of Garoua), West (industrial area of Bafoussam) and South- West (industrial area of Ombe).Nearly 400 companies, the large, medium and small ones are currently set up in MAGZI’s indus- trial sites, contributing significantly to national economic growth and poverty alleviation, in terms of the impact of socio-economic activities carried out by of the said companies. From the perspective of a larger national coverage, MAGZI is planning to create new industrial areas to progressively cover the entire country.Therefore, the creation of other areas has been planned for several years. In a relatively nearLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN

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