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194LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNTo achieve these objectives, authorities are carrying out several programmes, in collaboration with deve- lopment partners: UN-Habitat, the World Bank, the ILO, the French Development Agency.However, despite these advances, the path to inclusive and equitable cities remains long because it stumbles over inadequate training and information of the population and town coun- cillors, but especially against the inadequacy of financial resources.SOCIAL SCOURGES SECURITYWith an urbanization rate of about 52% in the last census, Cameroonian cities are experiencing exponential population growth, completely out of phase with the indispensable increase in infra- structure, material and economic resources for their social integration. Similarly, at macro-econo- mic level, the 4.8% growth rate recorded by Cameroon in 2013, according to the World Bank, is not conducive to the improvement of the living conditions of populationswhose greatest majority is living below the poverty line. This situation, coupled with unem- ployment and underemployment, leads to the worsening of urban social scourges such as: addiction of young people to alcohol and drug abuse, organized crime, rapes, cybercrime, prostitution and STDs, etc.To deal with these evils which seriously jeopar- dize the preservation of urban security, the StateMaster the fast and uncontrolled urbanizationof Cameroon adopted a sharing mechanism for actions by the different urban actors as part of its development strategy of the urban sub-sector.Regarding preventive measures of urban social scourges and moral rearmament of youth, a few youth outreach sessions on the dangers of socialMore and more beautiful realiSations

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