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This includes the second phase of the remediation project in Yaounde with the making of a canal 14 km long on the Mfoundi and its tributaries, and the making of 49 km of drains in Douala.• The 33 localities electrification project in the North, North-West, Centre and South-West Regions by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB);• The network extension project for electric energy distribution in 423 localities JICA / ADB, etc.As for sewerage, the removal of water-borne waste and household wastewater is still uncertain.HOUSING, TOWARDS MASS PRODUCTIONDemand for housing is assessed at nearly one million, with an increase by 100,000 every year.Faced with this situation and in a bid to hoist Cameroon in the sphere of emerging countries by 2035, the Cameroonian Government is com- mitted within the context of its strategy for growth and employment to build more than 17,000 public housing units, to provide 50,000 plots by the year 2015 and to strengthen institutional capacities enabling her on the one hand, to increase the supply whose demand from the underprivileged is becoming increasingly strong, and on the other hand, to contribute to the deve- lopment of towns to become goods and wealth production centres. In this wake, the Cameroonian Government has undertaken a series of reforms aimed at increasing supply inOffer a more pleasant living environmentdecent houses and buildable plots for the great majority, and especially the most underprivile- ged sections of the population in order to ensure equity in access to decent houses.These reforms aim at:• Improving access to funding for social housing;• Restructuring public institutions of housing sector (Cameroon Housing Company, “Crédit Foncier Cameroon” and Urban and Rural Land Development and Equipment Authority ;• Widening existing incentive bases for the pro- motion of private and public real estate and inci- tement to the implementation of joint ventures bet- ween local promoters and international investors;• The ongoing execution of many public and pri- vate programmes and pilot projects whose access shall take into account the socioeconomic conditions of seekers, for example we have:• The government programme to build 10,000 social housing units and develop 50,000 buildable plots;• The 1500-housing unit programme funded by the Chinese People’s Republic;• Projects initiated by a few international and national property managers, including Soprin Company, Authentic Developers Corporation and Coffor’CEMAC;• Establishing a public-private partnership to stimulate production of housing;LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN197

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