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198LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNMinistry of Housing and Urban DevelopmentThe Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (MINHDU) works for the promotion of inclusive cities and for the development of a balanced urban framework in Cameroon for its emergence...Beyond the continuation of the major projects that begun a few years back, the year that has just ended, has been remarkable for the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (MINHDU). Remarkable because it saw the start of important projects including the Three- year emergency plan works on roads in the towns of Yaoundé and Douala; the three-year emergency plan works on their housing compo- nent in the city of Ebolowa; the access road to the general-purpose stadium in Limbe, with the organization of the 2016 Women’s CAN coming up in Cameroon; the access road and the facilities of the Paul Biya omnisports stadium in Olembé, Yaoundé, with the organization of the men's ACN coming up in 2019.We must emphasize that the Ministry has also continued to work to increase the supply in decent housing and improve urban mobility. Among other actions, we could mention the pre- paration of urban planning documents, the car- rying out of urban development operations and the construction of new housing. For example, the implementation of seven planning docu- ments was launched in Edéa, Bafang, Zoétélé, Maga, Ngaoundal and Lagdo, to provide these cities with instruments that harmoniously organize land use and prevent the proliferation and invasion of slums.Besides, 196 hectares are under development by MAETUR in the Mefou-et-Afamba and Mefou- et-Akono Divisions to accommodate projects for the construction of social housing and People affected by the construction of the Yaoundé- Nsimalen motorway and, on this occasion, to create a new structured city.Similarly, the final documents for the feasibility study of the SAWA Beach project were validated during a session of the Steering Committee. This equally marked the end of the feasibility study of the project to develop a business district in the city of Douala, in order to increase its attractive- ness and competitiveness.CONSTRUCTION OF NEW HOUSINGIn this area, and in order to give people access to decent real estate, emphasis was laid on the conti- nuation of social housing projects with the support of Chinese Cooperation in Douala and Yaoundé. In Yaoundé, the construction of 660 housing units has been completed. The same applies for collec- tive facilities (Primary school and health centre). In Douala, the overall rate of progress of the works was estimated, in early 2016, at 75% of construc- tion of 660 housing units. In Limbe, works have started. In Bafoussam, Sangmelima, and Bamenda, studies are being finalized.Similarly, the completion of the first 1675 social hou- sing units in Olembé and Mbanga-Bakoko is pro- ceeding with respective advancement rates of 72% and 60% at the beginning of the financial year.The “Société Immobilière du Cameroun (SIC)” for its own part, has committed herself to build 119 medium class housing at the “Cité Verte” in Yaoundé, 15 of which were under construction and 104 in the phase of the launch of a call for tenders early-2016. Similarly, it has been noticed the start of restoration operations on the front wall of about 100 buildings over all the SIC’s housing estates.IMPROVEMENT OF THE URBAN ENVIRONMENTThe recalibration in 2015 of Edjenguele River in the urban motorway of Limbe, over a 6-km road, and the beginning in Garoua of the reha- bilitation of prison system have to be underli- ned. For the rest, efforts were focused on two major urban rainwater evacuation projects. These include: The second phase of the Yaoundé sanitation project (PADY2), with the construction of a 14-km canal on the Mfoundi and its tributaries; the rainwater drainage of Douala, with the construction of 39 km of canals that follow the 9 corresponding main natural watercourses, and the recalibration of the exudates on 9 km of dirt canals and the paving of 20 km of roads along the riverbanks.

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