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200LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNMinistry of Lands, Survey and State PropertyThe Ministry of Lands, Survey and State Property (MINDCAF) is responsible for the elabora- tion and implementation of the Government's policy on state, cadastral and land matters. In particular, it is responsible for the control of land reserves ...TASKS OF THE FIRST DEGREESince it is responsible for the elaboration and implementation of Government's policy on state, cadastral and land matters, Ministry of Lands, Survey and State Property is responsible for:• The drafting of legislative and regulatory texts relating to the state, cadastral and land sectors, as well as the management of the public and pri- vate domains of the State;• The Management of the national domain and allocation proposals;• The protection of the public and private domain of the State against any attack, in colla- boration with the administrations concerned;• Acquisition and expropriation of immovable property in favour of the State, public administra- tive bodies and public-owned companies, in col- laboration with the Minister of Finance and public services and bodies concerned;• The management and maintenance of the immovable and movable assets of the State; as well as the management and monitoring of admi- nistrative leases;• The elaboration and maintenance of cadastral maps; carrying out of any studies necessary for the delimitation of cadastral integration areas, as well;• The constitution and control of land reserves, in relation with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and the public services concerned.MINDCAF also exercises supervision over the Urban and Rural Land Development and Equipment AUTHORITY (MAETUR).A SUPPORT TO INVESTORSIn view of the different missions assigned to it, it is clear that the daily action of MINDCAF is about providing investors, public services and households with support in the fulfilment of theirdevelopment projects. The support is thus focused on securing and making available the land to accommodate various investments and projects, in accordance with the legislation and regula- tions in force.Like any Public service, MINDCAF plays its role as a regulator and facilitator in the management of Cameroonian lands.Since land is one of the main development fac- tors, the President of the Republic, through the Ministry of Lands, Survey and State Property, has urged the Government to implement various pro- grammes that enable to increase the supply of land. This is the case with the programme for the Constitution of Land Reserves, for agro-industry, self-construction and social housing, which contri- butes to solving the problem of agricultural pro- duction and housing. MINDCAF also intervenes in the implementation of road, energy and other programmes by releasing the right-of-ways that have to accommodate the related projects.PROVISION OF SPACEIncidentally, one should point out that there is no discrimination in the procedures for access to land or land ownership, based on social condi- tion, gender, or age. In this respect, allocation of land is made essentially in two forms: user allo- cation and owner allocation.On user allocation, the State may allocate land for the use of public services, other legal persons governed by public law and persons governed by private law by way of assignment (1), lease (2) or joint allocation (3); whereas ownership is open to non-affected or disused private state property dependencies, for these dependencies may be alienated by restricted procedure (1), sales (2) or exchange (3). In this respect, the conditions for access to land ownership - the land title of which is official certification - are fra- med by an attractive legal and institutional fra- mework for investors.

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