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201Access to land is also made in the National Domain by way of concession in a procedure conducted by the State with the involvement of the local populations.AN ATTRACTIVE LEGAL FRAMEWORKAn attractive legal framework is gradually being put implemented and will be consolidated within the framework of the land reform prescribed by the President of the Republic and in the process of being drafted. For that reason, the following laws, very favourable to investment, were adopted:• Decree N°2014/3210/PM of September 29, 2014, on the conditions for the granting of leases and payment terms of the royalties in the economic zones;• Decree N°2014/3211/PM of 29 September 2014, on the minimum prices applicable to land transactions on pieces of land coming under the private domain of the State;• Decree N°2014/3212 / PM of 29 September 2014, on the minimum prices for annual fees for occupying public domain dependencies;• Circular N°001/CAB/PM of 1 April 2014 on the provisions applicable to investors for access to land.To this, it should be also added the Decree N°2015/3580/PM of 11 August 2015 on the terms of registration and the system of securitiesand acquisition applicable to national leases. This is an innovative law that not only relaxes the conditions under which land deeds are mortga- ged, but also broadens the scope of the land deeds eligible for mortgage-leases, public domain deeds... What makes access to credit for households and economic operators easy.A REAL MODERN LAND MANAGEMENTWith a view to enhancing land capital and secu- ring land ownership, MINDCAF has equipped itself with the PAMOCCA ‘ Project for support to the Modernization of Land Registry and Business Climate’. To this end, the project contributes to increasing the reliability of land titles and moder- nizing land management.In this respect, the general computerization of the services, procedures and products of MINDCAF is underway and aims at: Establishing a reliable, secure and multi-use system of cadastral, state, land ownership and patrimonial; the mastery and modernization of the national territorial space management; strengthening the reliability of land titles and leases, securing the archives of the Ministry through some digitization and storage operations; reducing the processing times for land and real estate transactions.The cadastral infrastructure meets this option of modernizing land management through a geode- tic network in the process of being established. All these actions must lead to the creation of a multi-use national Digital Land registry with and large-scale digital mapping.Other incentives are deployed like the setting up One-stop-shops at the level of the Ministry's ope- rational managements and decentralized depart- ments for the purpose of reducing land transac- tions; The break-up of the property registries of Yaoundé and Douala into three (03) special pro- perty registries each; the securing of land titles and ownership titles by installing additional secu- rity locks; the registration of public buildings and leases for their security and upgrading; the imple- mentation of joint ownerships.On balance, the Government, through the Ministry of Lands, Survey and State Property, spares no effort to facilitate access to land to any purchaser from then on that the rules in force in this field are respected. They intend to improve the legal and regulatory framework through the ongoing land reform and, with res- pect to the socio-economic changes and deve- lopment requirements.ACTIONS THAT SPEAK VOLUMESIn order to protect and enhance the public domain, MINDCAF announced the launching ofa project focused on 300 thousand hectares for >>>The premises of the Ministry of Lands, Survey and State Property in YaoundéLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN

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